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Shooting the Blues

11 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

We are super excited to have you here for Shooting the Blues! Learn how to create stunning blue hour photographs using the same repeatable process that professional photographer, Jason Row, uses. We strongly encourage you to pull every ounce of value out of this course that you can by asking lots of questions and joining in on the forums. 

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Course Structure


#1 Shooting The Blues: Introduction

Welcome to Shooting the Blues. Over the course of the next 11 videos you will learn how I capture amazing blue hour shots and then edit them into something to be proud of. 


#2 The Best Equipment for Blue Hour Photography

Let's take a look at the equipment you are going to need to capture the best blue hour photos possible. While some equipment is obviously necessary, you may not require as much stuff as you'd think.


#3 The Optimal Camera Settings and Setup

To shoot the blue hour for best results, you're going to need to know a few things about your camera and how to set it up. Let's jump in and cover that setup and optimal settings depending on the conditions.


#4 What You Need to Know About HDR & Bracketing for Memorable Blue Hour Photos

Now we start to dig into the secret sauce of how to shoot truly memorable blue hour photos by using tasteful HDR and learning bracketing. We use these techniques to deal with the exposure problems that are so common to blue hour shots and that very few other photographers actually consider in their photographs.


#5 The Tools to Use to Plan a Blue Hour Shoot to Maximise Chances of a Great Photo

If you're getting serious about your blue hour photography, you will want to start planning properly for your shoots. Here are a series of plans and apps that Jason uses for planning his shoots.


#6 These Are the Practicalities of Planning a Shoot With Real Examples

Now that we have the tools at our disposal, let's look at the keys to planning for a blue hour photograph with some practical examples. This will show you how to maximise the chances of you being able to shoot during the best conditions available.


#7 Case Study: Planning a Shoot at the Odessa Opera House

With the planning all tools set, let's take a look at using them in the practical example of shooting the Odessa Opera House.


#8 Shooting The Shot

Shooting the shots that we planned in the last video at the Odessa Opera House. Everything from brackets to settings is covered in this video.


#9 How to Upload and Organise Your Bracketed Photos Photos in Lightroom

As you will have a lot of bracketed shots from any given blue hour session, it's imperative that you get organised in dealing with the files and choosing the files that will give you the best chances of an image that will be a keeper. This is what to do with your uploading to Lightroom.


#10 – This is How to do Post Production on Blue Hour Shots to Ensure More Keepers

Now we dive down into the edit of your best files. This is where we put the final secret sauce on our blue hour shots to ensure more keepers.


#11 Wrapping It All Up

This video goes over the things you should have learned about nailing those blue hour shots with consistency and what you should do next.