1906 Rail Car and Hoarfrost

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    Canon 5iv 24-105@ 32mm f11 1/40 ISO 100
    I have lots of photos of this with the hoarfrost this one the camera is about 6 inches off the ground. This car is located in a old gravel pit and the only tree around is the one by the car. Cloudy overcast day.
    1906 Rail Car

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    John Thompson

    I like it!  You can “feel “the frost in this pic.

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    Beautiful! I love the tones and POV!

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    Rob Eyers

    Very nice POV and comp Tim.

    Since it’s SharkTank my only wish would have been for focus stacking so that the frost in the foreground revealed it’s details. Your subject is so strong I don’t think the frost detail would have taken away from it. Would have only taken three shots at most with your camera settings.

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      This is actually 2 shots put together. Dang hard to focus on since the camera was only 6 inches off the ground. The frost that is out of focus I think was only 8-10 inches from the lens. I do have another shot 2-3ft off the ground which I can post later. Thanks

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    Being the ST Tim, I wanted to say ‘possibly’ crop from the bottom ‘slightly’.

    But after seeing it larger, Nope… no comments from this peanut gallery.

    Well done!

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      Thank you my friend. I am still planning on coming to your neck of the woods. I think the city you live in would be great to shoot.

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      BW Rail Car

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    Anne Hornsby

    This image is exquisite.  The hues of the rail car are fantastic, especially against the snow.  (In other words, for me the B&A version loses a lot of impact.)    I think cropping up from the bottom a bit, and also in from the left a bit would help keep the eyes from focusing on the clumps in the lower left foreground (per “snip” below.)

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      Thank you, a couple of ppl have mentioned that as well.

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    Graham Hart

    Fantastic pic ndjetfan. I love the POV which, along with the faded colour, has captured the age of this railcar wonderfully. Not unlike an old horse with bent back, it sits forever in a frosty white pasture reminding us of days gone by. The foreground focus issue doesn’t bother me too much either. With the misty background, it ‘bookends’ the car in the focal plane nicely.

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