20 years at the same location

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      Lenny Wollitz

      An interesting guy.  1/200, f3.2, 15mm, iso100

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      Petr Nowak

      BW conversion is excellent imho. The background (shops) adds to overall feeling of the place.

      I see some problems:

      • halo around mans hat
      • cropped left elbow
      • I would crop his left leg a little bit up (above ?hem)
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      Rob Eyers

      Another great image of a local character Lenny. You have certainly got your b&w style dialed in and I like it …but ST so…

      Maybe be careful about the light area(halo) in front of the client’s right leg. That pulls the eye a bit. Other than that it feels as though it’s slanted to the right a bit. My eye seems to use the posts across the street as a level reference.

      This guys must be a camera fan judging by his hat.

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      Rose Marie

      Interesting texture, interesting weathered gentleman, interesting story. Leaving the wrinkled hand of the “shinee” creates even more depth to the story. Great capture.

      The image does, however, seem over-processed for my taste. Other folks have mentioned the haloing, which stands out. The clothing has an almost waxy look to it, for lack of a better way to describe. Wish my processing skills were better so I could identify what it is that makes it seem off, sorry!

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Hi everyone and thanks for the comments.  I tend to pay more attention to the story and not enough to the technical but now that you mention it the halo needs to go, bad.

      Rob, I’m not sure if he even knows what Pentax is but you have aroused my curiosity  so  I will ask.  I will play with the perspective but with a 15mm lens I have a hard time getting everything looking straight and level.

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      your overblowing it on the mono conversion in my op………………………….who cares for the background,not i

      crop in on the interest……..da face………..long as we see a shoe shiner then story told.


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      I like like very much what you have done with this image.  What a wonderful face and expression.   My only concern is the very white side of the beard and a very bright collar on the right edge of the face as you look at it.   I have tried to tone both collar and beard down a bit with a levels darkening, a burn, and clone to introduce a darker beard, but if you zoom upto 100% you will see it my work does not quite look right.

      But, I did brighten the image just a bit and tried to bring a bit more light into the face to help draw our attention to there.    I did crop a bit of the top just to get rid of distracting shapes there.  However, that might subtract from you intention to show that the man was at work along a city street.(I do not mind the “missing elbow”. Did not even notice it until mentioned)

      This is a great image of a working man with a lot of stories to tell.


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