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      chris pook

      and i’m still rolling along…

      Kind of busy at work.  Where did Q1 go?  How can I be in 4th year of this job and not be bored yet?  Anyway, just checking in.

      iPhone video, anyone?  We had a few days in Basra.  There is not a lot there.  Certainly no sign of the  revenue from $100bn in oil exports from Rumeilla;

      Had a Yazidi guy in from Sinjar for the last couple of days.  He let me take his portrait.  He is lucky to have survived Daesh with his family, but still looks and sounds haunted.


      Hope this finds you all well and happy.




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      Hi Chris, good to know your alive ad well!
      Your Yazidi man really does look haunted, it’s a good portrait, though troubling.
      Basra is really barren, as you said, not a lot there, interesting to watch though, as I’ve never been anywhere like that. And I found the sudden birdsong quite incongruous with the car wreck(?).

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Thank you for sharing this with us Chris. Good to hear from you 🙂

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      Rob Eyers

      Good to see you are well Chris. Props for what you do sir. Really great portrait!

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      Kent DuFault

      Glad you’re safe. Great Portrait!

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      John Thompson

      Thanks for sharing Chris.  The weapons instructions brings back old memories.

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      Robert Apple

      Glad to know you are well Mr Pook, and the portrait does convey a auroa of torment.

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      chris pook

      Thanks everyone.  It’s been another mixed up day up in Dohuk with my pal Suzn. I thought i’d try something different, photographing refugees and IDPs with a studio in a bag.  It will take a day or two to process, both the photographs and the experience.

      I was really surprised to find my hotel full of Austrian and German tourists.  Slightly dislocating, but great news for the Kurdish region that people are coming.

      Unless you want a lounger by the pool.  In which case better set the  alarm.

      Anyway, beautiful people to photograph.  What’s not to love?


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