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      I was photographing a dress rehearsal my son’s opera company in a local community centre. The lighting was bad to say the least. It ranged from white gymnasium lighting to any combination, or single colour of red, blue, yellow and/or green LED lights.

      I’ve posted the original unprocessed image so you can what it was like.

      Exposure: 1/250 @f/2/8
      ISO: 51,200
      Focal Length: 120mm


      and after post-processing.


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      Hi @paul-3

      I think you really gave your best to fix the issues in post-processing – your way to edit colors is great!

      I would work on reducing the noise a bit more if possible.

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      Thank you Jasenka!

      I have another version of the image that I had cleaned up slightly in Dfine2 to remove more of the noise but was unsure if I liked the reduced noise.  I sort of liked this one better so I posted this version, partly to see if the members preferred more noise reduction.

      After reading your comment, I’ll post-process the image in PS and add one or two layers of Dfine2 to the image.  If I add two layers, I’ll probably put an Unsharp mask between them to retain some sharpness.

      Thanx again for your response.

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