a good aurora

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    this was from the 27th, my last night in iceland.  we’d seen the aurora twice, but couldn’t see any color except on camera.  but this night the sky exploded with bright greens and the occasional purple.  it was visible in downtown reykjavik, but i drove out of town to kleifarvatn (a lake in the reykjanes peninsula south of reykjavik) to get a better view.

    fuji 50r & 32-64mm @ 32mm (25.6mm at full frame equiv.)

    500/25.6 = appx. 20 sec. exposure to freeze the stars in place.

    turns out 20 seconds was way too long due to the speed and brightness of the aurora.

    went to 15 sec, then 10 sec, then 5 sec, settled on a 5 sec exposure.

    5 sec, f/4.0, iso 1600

    tripod, shutter release cable, focus manually set to infinity, coat and overpriced beer.

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    Gerald Murphy

    Stunning. I’m so jealous never having seen the aurora. Lovely capture. Thank you for the settings.

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      thanks gerald.  it was my first time seeing it.

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    Rob Eyers

    This was predicted and we flew out that afternoon. DANG!

    As you can tell I’m envious Beth. Very nice capture and so much better than in town, unless you could have used that church as foreground 😉

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      thanks rob.  not getting to see the lights sounds like a good excuse to go back.  i would have loved to been on snaefellsnes when this hit.

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    Dave Watkins

    It’s beautiful. I can only imagine what it’s like to see in person.

    “tripod, shutter release cable, focus manually set to infinity, coat and overpriced beer.”   🙂

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      maybe a little bit better in person because you can see the movement.  but the colors and brightness were just as intense in person that night.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    This is brilliant Beth! Love it so much 🙂

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      thanks dahlia

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    Graham Hart

    Wow! What a pic. What a sight to see. I’m going to stop there or else I’ll ramble on senselessly.

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      thanks graham

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    I appreciate the trial and error involved in a great capture! I also love the list of materials though for me it would be hot chocolate and Baileys! 🙂

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      thanks leanne.  you really can’t go wrong with hot chocolate and baileys.

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    Robert Apple

    Nice Beth, I like the other one on flikr as well.

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      thanks.  i picked this one because it showed less water.  the water is smooth enough to pick up the color but not smooth enough show a mirror reflection.  and once you’ve seen a little bit of choppy green water you’ve seen it all.  so i picked the one with more sky.

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    Federico Alegria

    With that view, I don’t matter having an overpriced beer! Thanks for sharing your trip with us Beth.

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      it started out around $10 a bottle for monkey piss and went up exponentially from there.  except pilsner.  that you could buy fairly cheap in the gas stations and was legal to drink while driving.  or at least we saw people drinking it while driving.  one of the gas station attendants described it as being slightly stronger than tap water.

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    Thank you for the details on how you shot this and why you chose this particular photo. I’m just learning. To date, I have a good grasp on the role beer plays in waiting for your shot.

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      as a sauced- er – seasoned photographer i can pass along some of the wisdom that i’ve acquired: beer is a very important part in learning how to properly post process even the most fubared of images.

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