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      Hit me. Panasonic DMC-GX8
      LUMIX G VARIO 14-42/F3.5-5.6 II
      42.0 mm

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      Dave Watkins

      Maybe place the boat in the lower right third of the frame in a landscape format. Might enhance the feeling that they’re heading into the “great unknown” with a larger expanse of emptiness. Assuming of course there is enough off to the left to work with. 🙂

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      Graham Hart

      I love this shot Rob. The complete lack of any reference is a great way to bring mystery and the ‘great unknown’ into an image. Where are they going? How do they know where they are?

      I was totally with Dave initially and thought about a different crop but after experimenting with various crops I think that your original actually works best (sorry Dave). Due to the lack of detail other than the boat itself, that ‘great unknown’ comes across pretty good as is. Not only where they’re headed but also where they’ve come from. I think the portrait aspect enhances this by adding a sense of travelling into the distance rather than across the field of view.

      One of those ‘breaking the rules’ pics which works really well.

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      Philip Watts

      I would have gone landscape, boat in bottom right corner.

      Balance the small, bright orange of the boat with the vast white emptiness of the sea.

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      Bruce Gordon

      I tend to agree with Mr. Watts…

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      Levi Lloyd

      The mood of the photo is good, and I like the boat heading diagonally out of the frame. I would like the boat to fill more of the frame, and I think a landscape orientation would maybe work better.

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      Petr Nowak

      Great moment for minimalism. Boat alone in endless water space. Centric composition doesn’t look very well for me. I’d try another crop (if you have space to crop). The movement is horizontal, so landscape could be better I think. And maybeeee a change the blue color of the boat equipment (?) to something else (?yellow).

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      I would have to agree that the central position of the boat leaves me feeling its a bit empty, less of heading out into the unknown and more, well empty. I get the detail in the water in the foreground but ti doesn’t make up for the all the negative space. I would have to agree with trying a landscape crop and have the boats bottom right 2/3 of the image.


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      Vertical orientation works great here because it’s unexpected for this type of image.

      I would maybe position the boat in the lower third portion of the image and try conversion to b&w.

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      Federico Alegria

      I’m more traditional, and I would love to see this one in a horizontal format. But, since it isn’t like that, perhaps a bit of “rule of thirds” in order that the boat’s direction would have more breathing space. Beyond that, I love the mood of this shot, muted tones in contrast with just a tine accent of color is always a great work of sending a message, and finding it in a natural state is quite hard!

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Hi Rob, lots of good ideas above but I kinda like it as is.

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