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    Bruce Gordon


    When I have a photo printed from Lightroom CC, it seems to come out fine. If I do the color balance, etc in Lightroom CC and then edit it in Photoshop (Say I auto fill something or use the stamp tool) it looses all color balance and prints like a raw image.

    The store where I print says I should save/export the color range as sRBG, but we can’t find a way to change that in Lightroom CC or Photoshop.

    Any thoughts? Should I edit in photoshop first, then save the file to Lightroom CC and then do the color work?


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    Hi Bruce.

    When sending LR-edited file to PS, use the option to “Edit a Copy With Lightroom Edits” in the popup box.

    When done editing in PS, save, and PS makes a tif or psd file depending your preferences. That’s your new master, and you should see both in LR.

    There are other ways to do this, using smart objects, but this is what I do.

    Of course, you will export from LR to a jpg to give to your printer.

    Also, under the Lightroom menu, select preferences, then the external editing tab, where you can set srgb. In PS, under Edit, pick Assign Profile and prepare to be bewildered.

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      Bruce Gordon

      Thanks for the info! Here is what makes me nuts about the whole post processing world;

      When I select ‘edit in photoshop’ I get no pop up menu; it just opens up a copy in Photoshop. When I select the Lightroom preferences menu, there is no option for external editing tab.

      BUT! The good news is that when I save the edit in PS, it does save a TIF file in Lightroom. I should have used that copy to generate the JPEG, instead of saving a JPEG from the image in Photoshop. I think that solves the issue.

      Thanks again!




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        Robert Apple

        Light room Classic has the features you are describing Bruce, but cc does not. If you have a subscription you can use both.

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    Bella Mardich

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