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      shenbaga pandiyan

      I took this picture with Nikon D3200 and 50mm 1.8 lens. ISO: 800 and shutter speed: 1/80

      Please provide critics to improve my portrait photography.

      DSC_0365.jpg by shenbaga pandiyan on Light Stalking

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      shenbaga pandiyan

      No comments from any one?

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      mike PENRITH

      The street lights put me off the subject, particularly by his right hand

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      Fred Furze

      1. Don’t like the shadow from the camera mounted flash. A reflector or second flash to fill in the shadow would have eliminated this.
      2. Don’t like the color temperature. It’s all looking a little too yellow/green. I would suggest a little cooler temperature.
      3. His black hair is blending into the black sky in areas. A rim light to create an edge around his head, or placing the subject, so that his hair is not against a black background would have helped here.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      All the stuff above and lose the sunglasses, especially at night Looks like you used on camera flash which makes his right hand and forearm glow and distract from the darker face which should be the center of attention. Portraits are about the eyes and face. On camera flash is good for drivers license photos and fill flash in bright sunlight. Just one off camera flash would open up many new and fun horizons for your portraiture. It’s not only what you light it’s what you don’t light. If money is an issue a Yongnuo 560 ii is about 60USD and could be triggered with your on camera flash set to its lowest setting. Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to crop subjects at joints like his knees. My number one suggestion would be to pay a lot more attention to the background and lighting.

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      shenbaga pandiyan

      @dobara: sure I will frame the subject from those distracting lighting.

      : I also thought of making the portrait temperature cool by adding blue and I will not repeat this mistake next time. I just now noticed that the hair is a way blended to the background and thanks for the rim light idea 🙂

      : Sure, I will concentrate and try to bring the attention on subjects face. I am also looking for an off camera flash and I will get it soon.

      Thank you guys for your reviews on my photo. It really helps me to improve my skills.

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