A Year After a Forest Fire

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    Laura Kneedler

    Aperture 5.0, shutter speed 1/600, ISO 400. I wanted to show the devastating affects of a forest fire and also it’s stark beauty.

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    Robert Apple

    I like the Idea Laura and the composition, it appears very soft throughout the photo, a higher fstop would have been preferred for a landscape, f11 range, slower shutter speed and a tripod would be a must.

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    Anne Hornsby

    This is a beautiful image, Laura.   It does capture stark beauty.  Honestly, I can’t tell there is damage from a fire in this image.  The branches in the foreground could be simply the appearance of winter foliage for some plants.    I’m thinking you would need to position yourself differently in the landscape to communicate damage.   I hope you can return and shoot there.

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    Graham Hart

    I agree its a beautiful image Laura but I wouldn’t know there’d been a bushfire because it looks so serene.
    The darks are too soft I think or rather the range of darks is too wide. After a bushfire, everything that can burn is pitch black as far as the eye can see. I agree with Robert, a higher f-stop to bring the BG into sharper focus would’ve helped.

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    Tom M

    What everyone else said. I too like the photo for the most part, especially the winding river that winds and through the photo and the clouds/sky. Agree it hardly conveys what you wanted it to. Without telling us what this was supposed to be it’s a nice photo. But, I definitely don’t like that spotted boulder in the foreground, Follow everyone’s suggestions and find just a slightly different angle and it’ll be a winner…

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    Gary Zerbst

    Hmmm! In my mind, I can contrast the greens of the living foliage across the river and the blues of the rive and sky with it’s puffy clouds  against  the charred back dead branches in the fore/mid ground.  Don’t know if those were the colors there when you were there but those are the colors my mind applies now.

    Good photo , good story, I just wonder if it would be better in color

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    Lenny Wollitz

    I like this a lot but I wouldn’t know about the fire without the title.  I think it’s a keeper as is with a different title.  The BW processing is very nice but I agree with Gary.  Try it in color if you want to show the fire damage.

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    Hi Laura,  this is a beautiful image.  People have already mentioned it is soft, peaceful and very well composed.  If you had not titled it ‘A year after the forest fire’ i would not have known there had been one.  Perhaps it is because it is in black and white or the small amount of twiggy wood in the foreground.  Incredible location, hope you get another chance to retake it.

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    Erik Fransman

    Laura, for your story to come across, you might try a color version.
    Then we get to see the blackened trees in the foreground contrasting to he blueish water and green of the hills at the other side.

    Possibly that works. The image is nice enough.

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