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      tom dinning

      As if 3m of rain isn’t enough!!
      The fungus between my toes is beginning to bare fruit and I haven’t had a dry change of undies for months. You needed to know that, right.
      And now there’s another one on its way.
      This is what it looks like as of yesterday arvo. Well, almost. I’m bored so I had a bit of a fiddle with PS.

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      Jeez, Tom, what a TOTALLY compelling image! I am so sorry to hear of all the weather issues you’ve been having… us too, to some degree, we’ve been living in perpetual winter. It’s been cold and wet for what seems to be an eternity now. We really hope you guys fare well during this storm, you’ll be in our thoughts and prayers here. Best wishes my friend.
      Oh, and by the way, we don’t get cyclones up here. Just sayin’. If you and Christine were, for example, looking for a great place to move to so you could be closer to your friends, the Toads, you could move up here and be free of those nasty storms. 🙂

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      tom dinning

      I’m not sure I should show this to Christine, @toadhollow . She spent a year in BC and loved it (without me). That was before she fell in love – with me, not BC. She always threatens to return and she hasn’t mentioned if its with or without me.
      The cyclone has passed by, heading west at the moment, just leaving us with the rain. I think I’d prefer the heat and wet to the cold and wet. We went for a walk in the rain last night in shorts and a T-shirt. Can you do that in BC?
      I think tenacity, stupidity and a dislike for any temperature under 20 deg C keeps us here. And family for Christine; her kids are here. I moved away from my family 30 years ago and didn’t tell them where I was going. Just told them I was going out for some bread and milk. I wonder if they are still waiting?

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      Tim McMurdo

      Tom, to be honest…. I am surprised that you wear undies. I think of you as more of a commando type of guy.

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      Pere Ferrer

      Hahaha, Tim, you are the winner of the weekend comment, wow !

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      tom dinning

      How did you know, Tim.
      My secret’s out. Hope that’s the only thing.

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      Alas, I wish I could report that wandering outside in a T-Shirt would not directly result in a nasty bout of pneumonia, but, that would make me one lying Toad. It’s cold here. And damp. And cold. And really damp. Ya know, a Toad has to try sometimes… as for Christine and her affinity for this area, she’s definitely got good taste in both men and locales, Tom. We don’t want to be responsible for causing a brouhaha in your household there, so this post is our secret… for now. I will continue to try to entice you guys up here, for a visit or a permanent relocate… either way I have to admit I have an agenda; we want to meet you guys. 🙂

      Really glad to hear the nasty cyclone passed by without causing you too much trouble, my friend. Stay safe and dry.

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      Susan David

      @tomdinning I hope all the cyclones have made their way out of there and that you are safe and sound. Enjoy those warm temps, i wish it was t-shirt weather here.

      @toadhollow Be glad you are not living in Calgary…i heard they just got dumped on with 20″+ and just east of us here in chilly Ontario they got dumped on too! You have the nice weather compared to most of us. We get all excited when the temps finally hit the positive side of that pesky “0”

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      tom dinning

      That’s it for me then.
      All our thremometers are painted onto the wall at 30 d C. Not much point in waisting money on a real one. Eat you hearts out.
      Great climate for Toads though. I’ll put the kettle on for you @susandavid and @toadhollow

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      Rachel Davies

      AWESOME shot Tom!!
      At least the bad weather means good photographic opportunities 🙂

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