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    John Thompson

    Here is another free e-book. This one is by Anne Mckinnel.

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    She is a good egg. I like Anne.

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    Nomad. That is what I want to be when I grow up.

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      Ironically I think it probably costs a lot less to live the good life as a nomad than it does to get a suburban mortgage. 🙁

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        Pamela Winter

        I can vouch for it! I spent almost two years living on the road.  There are some expenses to be sure, but always less than a home with a mortgage.  The problem arises when you try to do both.

        Alas, we jettisoned our RV and the money in savings would buy an ultra extreme luxury vacation every year.

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    John Thompson

    Did this thread take a left turn when I wasn’t looking?? Nomad??

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    Anne describes herself as a photographer and nomad.

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    John Thompson

    Well thanks guys. You learn something new everyday (well not everyday maybe every 8th day or so).

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    Thanks John, just in time for my trip to Washington State, where I suspect there will be plenty of opportunities for landscape photography. I know nothing about landscape except use a tripod!

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    John Thompson

    Hi @lburgess you are very welcome and enjoy your trip and show use your photos on return.

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    Interesting, thanks for sharing)

    Being a nomad is cool up to the point you want some comfort like warm  bed and hot water.

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      And a place for the grandkids to enrich your life with a visit from time to time… 😉

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    Thanks for sharing. Share James´s thoughts on life as nomad – think I´ll wait for my pension 😉

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    Kent DuFault

    Taking on the life of a nomad as a United States Citizen isn’t all that easy. I recently learned that the federal government passed laws that state… even if you unload yourself of any property or connection, denounce your citizenship, move to another country, take on there citizenship, get their passport, and work in their country- the U.S. says you still have to pay taxes to them for an additional 10 years. Yeah. That’s freedom for ya.

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    I hear ya, Kent. Henry David Thoreau would have made a great digital photographer (he crafted pencils and things one could write with them) and once said “I have traveled much in Concord”, thinking meditatively. I’ve discovered Federico, who muses about the non-technical side of the art, and about photography as cultural communication.  There is an element of historical or documentation work too. Being poor and on a SS income means that I have to look for great things to capture within a tight radius, but there is always something if and when I take the time to see or craft a hunting assignment for myself. Thanks, John, for the free e-book (and the faves).

    Thoreau also once said “they have built a telegraph line between Maine and Texas; this supposes they have something to say to one another”.

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