Another Kind of Storm

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      Fred Furze

      A Different Kind of Storm

      Crowded skies at a Miami intersection. This is not an uncommon sight in South Florida, where it seems ALL birds come to spend the winter.

      I took this from my car as I was driving by. It was twilight, so the light was vanishing fast.

      ISO 400
      F /4.5 ‘ish
      250 shutter speed

      I have been wanting to take one of these pictures for some time now. I would have liked to have been more prepared, perhaps setting the camera up in a more interesting place, instead of just braced against the steering wheel, and shooting through a dirtyish front windshield, while waiting for the light to turn.

      Critique and comments welcome

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      Fred Furze

      A Different Kind of Storm

      Not sure why the HTML link is not working…?

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      Adrienne Siebert

      The frame is taking away from your photo IMO.
      The pole is a strong element in the photo and distracts from what is going on. So do the palm fronds. However, I like the pole there. lol
      Otherwise, I would have expected it to be much worse in IQ being shot through glass in a running car.
      Great choice for B+W and I like the moodinesss that the grain/noise adds to it.

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      The Falx

      Considering the shooting circumstances I would think you are well pleased…it has a certain bizarre and surreal feel which is not unlikeable…..crop the roof in the foreground would imo be an improvement

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      John Thompson

      And scrap the frame.

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