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    Bruce Gordon

    Nikon D750, 24mm, ISO 100, f/18, 3/5 second exposure.  ND filter stacked with an graduated ND filter, converted to monochrome on Photoshop… Added a touch of coffee tint…

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      Bruce Gordon

      Thank for the critique Mario! I have it regular monochrome, which I like as well. I’m kinda playing around to see which treatment has the greater emotional impact, or if there is one at all…

      As far as composition… I feel that it’s about right. Cropping seems to un-balance the image to me. I’m going to look at some different aspect ratios and see if they yield more impact.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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    Rob Eyers

    Hi Bruce. I would like to see more detail and more attention to the subject which I think is the bridge and river. A full third of the image is the foreground river and river bank which has very little interest so I would crop from the bottom to put the bridge on the lower third and from the left until the tree is on the right third.

    After that you could lower the brightest parts of the sky, add some drama to the river(dodge and burn), bring out more detail in the trees, and add a custom subtle vignette. Maybe something like this…

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      Bruce Gordon

      Thanks Rob!

      I am going to play with cropping a bit, but I want to keep more of a balance between sky and water than is reflected in your version. I do think my version is a bit on the side of too much water. If I get it right, the river shape almost exactly mirrors the sky… I do think a slight crop is in order.

      As always, I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and Ideas!

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    Kent DuFault

    That’s a lovely scene, and a fantastic monochrome subject. My only comment is that the graduated filter effect in the sky is too much for my taste.

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      Bruce Gordon


      I pulled down the blues in the sky to smooth out the transition, which I think is better now. I then redid the monochrome, with a lighter filter. I also burned in some areas to bring out more detail in response to the others’ comments. I do think it looks much better… (I actually went back and lighted the original version after I posted this)

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    The ghosting around the tree is where i would start. But big potential in the shot.

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      Bruce Gordon

      Thanks Rob! I’m working on it. (Lol) Desaturating the blue in the sky helped quit a bit. I dodged it a bit with a brush, and am trying some other things as well…

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    Bruce Gordon

    Alrighty then; Here is the final product.

    Based on all the great critiques and advice, I removed the tint, fixed the ghosting and strange sky defects. I changed the crop and evened out the light…Best viewed as large as possible. Thanks for all the input!


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    Robert Apple

    It looks pretty good Bruce, I just keep wanting the bridge to be more defined to give the eyes a place to stop in the photo as you travel up the river, I did a quik edit in LR mobile wth the adjustment brush and lowered the blacks and shadows on the bridge. What do you think?

    For some reason its getting rather noisy every where when it up loads, but the bridge was all I worked on, the rest is some sort of glich, but I am also working on a 15 year old tablet.

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      Bruce Gordon

      That looks good Robert. I’ll do the same! I have also noticed much of the detail is also lost when uploading, so it may not be your tablet…

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    Tom M

    I love this shot. I think the bridge is a little dark though. How long have you had your D750? Good camera huh?


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      Bruce Gordon

      Thanks Tom! I really like my 750! Had it almost a year now, and find it excellent at everything I’ve asked it to do. Very solid camera!

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    David Tod Sigafoos

    I love the shot and like what you have done with it.  I wouldn’t darken the bridge too much as it looks to lose its “bridgeness” if that make any sense.  It seems to get lost in the surroundings.

    Nice shot

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