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      Petr Nowak

      CC in general?

      I’d like specifically know about my B&W conversion. See another image version below. Which is better? Any comment concerning B&W conversion?

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      Petr Nowak

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Hi Petr, what a cool shot.  I love the reflections!  I think the whites are just a tad too white and have no depth.  This is what I would try for processing.  Where I live the people love to have their photos taken so I would have asked the ladies to show me their faces but that would depend on local attitudes.   Any chance to see it in color?

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      Erik Fransman

      Hi Petr, I think Lenny’s B&Wversion is spot on.
      I would have liked to see the reflection of the girls totally. This feels a bit cut off.
      I  think I see in the reflection that they are eating their own icecream. I would have loved to see that clearly (so more reflection of the girls)

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      Steve Walker

      I do think Lenny’s exposure work is good and needed. For me, including the faces via reflection would distract from the intrigue I feel looking at the lap sitting by what appears to be a large teenager on the somewhat older woman (mom?). Having a face and seeing what they might (or might not) have in their hands would reduce part of the mystery. If anything, I might crop the partial reflection out entirely and maybe even go for a square and crop on the left to the door hinge.

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      Petr Nowak

      @Lenny: color version

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Petr, in BW  I like lots of contrast.  Beware, I have been accused of overdoing processing!  I did this real quick in LR.  Darkened the aqua slider quite a bit.   I would have loved to see the whole reflection of the girls but think the partial reflection is an eye snag so I cropped that out.

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      Hi Petr yeah don’t mind this at all…..i like it……………but street needs a focus point…………….here we can’t see the faces so our vision wanders to the other dominant………the truck.

      Less is more…..crop the image for one or the other…………personally the people rule so crop out enough to bring them to the fore,then their hidden faces will have more mystery…………..still like it man! 🙂


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      Petr Nowak

      I still lack feeling for good B&W processing.

      Thanks for all comments….

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      Kent DuFault

      I actually favor the color version.

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      I think I like Lenny’s processing a little better. I think this is because I find the ‘brightness’ of the truck in the reflection to be over powering and draws my eyes there to much. That is also added to by the direction the mom/daughter are looking (to the reflection).

      With that said… I believe that – reversing – the image will help. As a North American, my eyes tend to travel left to right. With the image as presented I overlook the truck and go straight to the ladies. Then with where they are looking, my eyes continue onto the reflection, and then, more or less, out of the image, almost on a straight line. And maybe stopping at the reflection of the ladies.

      Having the image reversed, my eyes stop at the ladies then move around the image. Also with the reversed image, their reflection is harder to see as my eyes enter the image and tend to go straight to the ladies before moving around the image.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Petr, I agree with Kent. I like the subtle colours in the colour photograph and the colour version looks great in my opinion 🙂

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      Robert Apple

      I think falxy had a good point about the focal point and like the color as well, but even less of it. Cropped, highlight reduction, desaturated a bit, local contrast adjustment on the girls.

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      Graham Hart

      For me, I think this pic has good elements but there is a disconnect with me as a viewer and I guess that’s because the girls faces are turned away. Focal points, contrast adjustments etc can all be manipulated (which I attempted quite a bit) but I still couldn’t quite settle on something which satisfied. The reflections are a little too faint to play a major role.

      I think for this reason, I prefer the colour version because it brings it’s own focal interest with it…..colour. That shade of blue and the model of the truck makes me think of Monsieur Hulot in those old 60’s french films.


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