Attempts at portraiture

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      Ben Baker

      This is a first attempt at senior photos. Have any suggestions for composition, exposure, color balance in B&W, really anything that can make this photo really pop? smile out the window

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      Ben Baker

      I also took some more contemporary shots and this one came up. Is there too much head room? Is it a good use of creative negative space? Would you crop it differently?

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      I like the window shot but it is distracting in a wicked manner (I don’t mean to say anything about the subject). You could use some vignetting to hide peripheral details. Exposure seems right though.

      the second one is a snap shot and wont’ cut it – read up some great content on this website about portrait making. there was no need for so much head room and it looks like a mistake and what’s the glare about?

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      Ben Baker

      That outdoor portrait was a failed attempt at being contemporary, I think this outdoor shot is much better. My only worry is that the background is a tad distracting.
      Sarah Laying Down

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      mike hull

      first one–i think the T coming from the top of her head is distracting. I am on the fence about the hint of hands. I think they should be all in or all out and all in is too much and all out creates cropping issues.

      second one–the glare doesn’t work for me–the flash by the ear lobe.

      third one–i wish for more bright on the face and less everywhere else

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      a bigger aperture would have surely helped. exposure is right again but posing is too overt. capture the mood not the model.

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      P Marione

      The 1st is not bad, maybe a vignette as suggested by @raviputcha.
      Forget the 2nd one.
      The 3rd one is to keep in your family album.

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      Ken Watson

      Hi, Portrait’s I believe are one of the most difficult area’s of photography and it’s great you had a try, please keep on trying. But the parts it failed on for me were, I’d like to see more of her face, when she’s sitting with her knees up in front of her, I don’t know, if I’m supposed to looking at her face or her knees, try the largest aperture you can and come in a little closer, try just to give a hint of whats around her, the bars of the window, little distracting, she’s the picture remember that, the purpose of the shot is to bring her alive.

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      Fred Furze

      I think a subtle vignette in the first photo will help make it pop. I think the lighting looks really nice and that a vignette would help focus attention to her face and smile. Subtle, though. To me a vignette should not be obviously present, but should be sublte. I apply vignettes in Lightroom, and it has a feather slider which I usually almost max out.

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