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    Tracy Friesen

    Hi there,

    Just dipping my toes into the tank here. I have not been out taking many  ‘artistic’ photos of the type I like lately (though I got some macros yesterday for the first time in eons!), but I grabbed this shot while out with my son’s class on a field trip — after the kids had all headed the opposite way! I really liked the light and the scene; I did have some sun flare, which I liked and thus played up in editing and that’s probably a point for debate, as to whether it works well or not.

    Autumn's Invitation

    Exif: f/18, SS 1/80 sec., ISO 800, focal length 55 mm

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    Tom M

    I like this a lot Tracy. I especially like the color in the sky. It looks like a lovely place for a slow walk or bike ride. Only thing that could improve this might be a walker or bicyclist down the path…

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    Graham Hart

    Lovely scene Tracy, I can see what attracted you to it. Congratulations, its a beautiful picture. It is a bit noisy though, so now you’re in the Shark Tank….let’s nibble!

    ISO is probably a little high for such a brightly lit scene. You could have maybe gone for ISO200 or possibly ISO100? This would also have allowed you to have a higher shutter speed. If this was hand-held, 1/80 is probably a little low when trying for a sharper image. Your aperture is also a little high I think. A lens’s sweet spot (sharpest focus) is usually somewhere in the middle around f8, f11 or f16. The depth of field in this pic isn’t that large so a wider aperture would have worked better.

    Composition-wise, I’m not sure about the sun flare. Its kind of tucked away right in the corner and doesn’t really add that much to the pic, plus by including it, the image is off-balance to the left. I would have cropped it so that the fence rails were symmetrical. Basically, crop that tree out on the far left altogether.

    Having said all that it’s still a beautiful pic and leagues above my first effort. The point here in the ST is to offer direction and advice so I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m still a rank amateur and trying to learn too. By making my comments, I hope to piggy-back off your post and learn a little myself from other Stalkers. You have to put yourself out there if you want the feedback.

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    Tracy Friesen

    Thanks for the input!

    To be honest, I usually shoot hand-held, mostly because I love macro and find a tripod too limiting for macro. In this case, a tripod wouldn’t have worked as I was on a field trip and so I was just trying to keep up with the kids and grab a shot or two along the way. But it is a good point: I don’t excel at landscapes, and one of the reasons is probably because I don’t use a tripod enough and thus am frequently unhappy with the results — noise, sharpness, etc.

    I was at our local camera club meeting tonight and we watched a video by Ian Plant about nature photography (excellent! if interested, try searching B&H Ian Plant on YouTube, hopefully it will come up) and he mentioned shooting at f11 or f16 often. His landscapes are stunning, so it made me think about my tendency to shoot too closed down in a landscape situation. I could definitely have dropped the ISO if I opened up the aperture a little wider in this case.

    Thanks again for the input!

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    Beautiful shot & scene Tracy!

    I actually like the sun flare. My only complaint would be that the scene looks a little flat. You may want to juggle Saturation & Dehaze (if you have Lightroom) just a touch to give it more of a kick. It might hide some of the noise as well.

    You may want to bring down the highlights to return some of the blown brights on the rail to our right.

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    Tracy Friesen

    Thanks, Tobie! Good suggestions. I don’t have Lightroom; I can manipulate Saturation in PSE though.

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