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      Hello all,

      I’m kind of new to the site. Didn’t use this account for 3 years. 🙂

      I was wondering whether you could give me constructive feedback on the portrait below.

      Sony A7III, Tamron 28-75mm (75mm)

      No flash, no reflector.

      Edited in PS to increase exposure in the face, worked on the skin color.  I hope the resolution is high enough. After the PS edit I noticed I had burnt out some highlights in the hair. That’s not the case in the original.

      Thanks for all your feedback that helps me to grow and improve.

      All the best.




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      Dahlia Ambrose

      @nanyar Hi Mario, welcome back. I like the lighting in this image. Not sure what can be changed to improve this image, but in my opinion I think that instead of space on the left it would have been better to have more space on the right. Not sure what you think. Look forward to seeing more of your works here 🙂

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      i’m not a portrait photographer by any means, but i’d have placed the lady on the left or turned her body so she was facing in the photo.  and maybe give her just a little more space beneath, she looks cut off.

      i like the backlighting and the exposure.

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      Graham Hart

      Hi Mario, I have yet to dip my toes in the true portrait genre because I’m pretty sure its one of the more difficult ones to master what with dealing with people and stuff (I think they’re an essential ingredient in any portrait 🙂 ).

      So from my zero knowledge base, I think you have captured a lovely image pretty well. Great backlight, nice bokeh, lovely skin tone, complimentary colours with the BG and the dress. The very mild burnouts in the hair are not really an issue for me but could easily be fixed in PP with the healing tool.

      I agree with the others about your model being more toward the left of the frame which I think would better suit her shoulder position. The slight lean in her stance to her left side (our right) pushes most of the weight in the image to the right hand edge of the frame and I think it would balance the image better if she was to the left more. If she was leaning the other way and peering over her shoulder more, her current placement in the frame would work better perhaps?

      Another consideration I would look at are the random hair strands catching the light. I find them drawing my eye a lot so may be I would consider some healing work there too (picky picky I know).

      Well, all this from an armchair expert who doesn’t know what he’s talking about so take it with a pinch of salt Mario ‘cos it’s better than any of my portrait shots (zero!) 🙂 .

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      Rob Wood (Admin)

      Slightly up the whites on the whites of her eyes. Other than that, I think it’s a solid shot.

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      Thank you very much for all you valuable feedback.

      Graham, now that you pointed the hair out it bothers me too. 🙂

      Rob, will try to up the white. Was a bit on the safer side with my edit since I’m a PS beginner and saw some bad examples on YT.

      Mistyisle thanks for your advise. I tried that rotation as well. In any case I think a made a posing error.

      Beth, indeed would have been better if she didn’t turn her front outwards but inwards.

      Dahlia, thanks for you friendly welcome. Will see if I can crop differently.

      All the best and have a good day.

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        Graham Hart

        Hi Mario, when it comes to PS I think we never get past the ‘beginners’ stage ‘cos its so damn complex. Part of my learning process is to play around with other people’s images because they’re usually better than mine. Yours is a case in point.
        Not saying this edit is better or an improvement but just offers ways of thinking about using the complex beast that is PS.

        • open the image in PS
        • use content aware tool to move the model to the left
        • use spot healing tool to clean up artifacts from the move
        • use spot healing tool to trim hair strands
        • use exposure adjustment layer to brush in and soften bright highlight areas
        • use dodge tool (highlights 30%) to brighten eye whites
        • brush in more colour to her face with a vibrance adjustment layer
        • select her with the magic wand then invert the selection to background
        • add a soft matte effect to the background to make her pop a bit more

        These are just ways to look at the PP side of things. PS has so many options, there are probably 10 ways of doing each of the steps above. When I first started playing with it I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know where to begin so I hope this gives you some ideas for the future.


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      Lenny Wollitz

      I like the effect of the back lighting on the hair but think the face would look a lot better with just a little light (reflector or off camera flash) at about 45 degrees to add just a tad of shadow and depth and maybe some catch lights.  Or if you travel light, even just a tiny bit of pop up flash?  I like Graham’s crop, it gives her “some space for her face” and has a good feel.

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      Manny thanks Graham and Lenny for your feedback. Much appreciated.


      Have a good day.

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      Petr Nowak

      I like colors (green vs red), bokeh, great backlight and light aura on the hair. I’d make more space in direction of her view.

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