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      I hope you will forgive me breaking the rules with 4 shots, but they are kind of all in the same vein and theme.





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      Hi Rob , if i can just say i like all 4 very much

      Photo 1 has smashing range in tones

      Photo 2 lovely texture

      Photo 3 has great form and shape

      Photo 4 has lovely lines

      I know this is ST , i don’t have the credentials to go much deeper than to just tell you guys who post in ST the things i see and like.

      I like all 4 photos a lot and thank you for posting your work i always enjoy looking at your photos.

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      Graham Hart

      Really like all four of these shots Rob. Even with the reference of the other shots, I still can’t quite picture what the second one actually is. I can imagine them all arranged in a square (2 above, 2 below) with a border between them and framed. Great stuff.

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      Thanks @patrickw

      @diripics – I actually had the same idea – I might try it.

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      You sharks aren’t very bighty lately. 😉

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      Petr Nowak

      Interesting images Rob. The first one is less interesting. The second one is more interesting and the third and fourth are the most interesting. They look like detail of some living organism. Like part of alien body or so…. 🙂
      I’d probably change nothing. And Grahams idea of arranging all in square is very neat.


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      Hi Rob, although I like the first three, I’ll be a shark and say that the 4th doesn’t feel the same, there’s not enough in focus compared to the others, and it’s not as ‘bright’ as the other 3.

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      My favorite is the third one, I think it has the most interesting composition and filling the frame with subject worked very well there. When it comes to the other three images, I think they would be more powerful if they were close-ups too.

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