Bamboo Graffiti

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    Graham Hart

    Another shot from the Botanic Gardens. This is a very very small part of a long walking path lined with bamboo. Every single stalk is covered in peoples initials and general graffiti. Its as if the authorities encouraged it because there is so much of it.

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    Erik Fransman

    Get Closer.

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      Graham Hart

      Initially I wanted to show the extent of the graffiti in a wider shot but that completely lost the graffiti detail itself. So I tried to get a shot that showed lots of it without losing the detail but I guess it still did in the end. Your closer version works much better Erik.

      Imagine this shot (below) duplicated behind the camera view to get an idea of the extent of the graffiti. Trying to capture it was quite a conundrum.

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    John Thompson

    Wow Graham thanks for that.  And thank you Eric for actually showing the graffiti.

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    Kent DuFault

    Love the idea Graham. I do think that Erik’s close version plays better to communicating the idea.

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    Robert Apple

    Thumbs up for the close up.

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