Black chairs in the sun

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      Lenny Wollitz

      I posted a photo from the same shoot but a different angle here awhile ago that just didn’t feel right. I like this angle better. For some reason I like the blank spot in the upper right corner.  I have been leaning toward using more absolute black in this type of graphic shot lately. What do you think?

      One thing for sure is that I would not want to sit on these black chairs after they had been sitting in tropical sun for several hours!


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      Rob Eyers

      OOOOOUCH! What are they thinking Lenny…black!?

      My only thoughts would be to even out the brightness of the ground. The near ground is bright and distracting and the ground in the back could be brighter. I think you could pull a bit more detail out of the darks without losing your absolute black. Maybe in this direction?

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      Graham Hart

      I like this shot Lenny because for some reason it immediately made me think of an image I have seen many times over the years. (An image from the 50’s of a cinema full of people wearing 3-D glasses).

      Maybe a single pair sitting on one of the chairs (or anything for that matter) would add a focal point to this nicely composed pattern of light and shade?

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Rob, I darkened the background from the top down with a grad filter in an attempt to be artsy.

      Graham, the chairs were barricaded off and I wouldn’t have asked anyone to sit on those hot things until after sundown.

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