Black Eyed Susans gaze at Looking Glass Rock

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      Steve Walker

      Just back from a trip to the Mountains around Asheville, NC. I had hoped to get a rising moon over Looking Glass Rock, but it didn’t make an appearance until later. Still, the evening had its charms…

      flowers watch lgr

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      Nice job , gorgeous scene from front to back mate.

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      Beautiful scene, especially with the flowers in the foreground.

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      Nice image

      good focus front to back DOF

      before you show this please clean it up a bit sensor spots in the clouds

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      Robert Apple

      Nice shot Steve.

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      Nicely layered shot. This foreground works great!

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      John Thompson

      Very nice shot Steve and yes I can see at least one sensor spot.  Sometimes I miss them as well.

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      Steve Walker

      Goodness gracious! There are multiple sensor spots on this and some other images. I had cleaned my sensor before the trip with a very soft brush but it seems I need to do more.

      I appreciate all the feedback.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Love this scene with the beautiful foreground Steve 🙂

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        Many times I needed to do a wet cleaning until I went mirrorless seldom needs cleaning

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      Graham Hart

      Beautiful shot Steve. Like a Sarah Lee cake…layer upon layer 🙂

      I have a wonderful ‘Dust Finder’ preset in PS which makes any dust spots stand out like dog’s bal….well you know what I mean. It uses the emboss filter to raise them up like little knobs which you can then clean up with the spot removal tool. Wouldn’t be  without it now.

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      Wonderful sky, foreground, clouds and mountains.  Ahhh….the Great Smokey Mts…..My grandmother was from Asheville.  Many wonderful mountain views are easily accessible by car including the highest mountain east of the Rockies, Mt. Mitchell.  Cades Cove, Newfound Gap, Clingmans Dome and of course, miles of hiking trails.

      I really like the color of this image.   Thanks, Steve, for evoking some great memories!

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        Steve Walker

        Glad you liked it. This is on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Miles and miles of views with no more effort than getting out of your car and walking around. That makes it a mix of good news and bad news.

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      very nice scene, esp. the clouds coming out of the mountains.

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      Kent DuFault

      Beautiful scene and a gorgeous capture!

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      Bruce Gordon

      Very, very nice shot!

      I have an app called Moonphase. Not only does it give the rise/set times of the moon and sun and moon phase, but you can move your phone around to see where the sun/moon will be at any given time. Kinda cool… Good for planning photo shoots.

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        Steve Walker

        I use Photographer’s Ephemeris to do those same things. Desktop app is free and a small fee for mobile versions. The only thing I haven’t figured out (and I’m pretty sure it does have the information) is the height of the moon/sun. I’m forever getting to places at moonrise and finding it behind a line of trees and having to wait a loong time before it appears above the branches. There are also apps (which I haven’t tried to use) that show the position of various stars and constellations– necessary for those who do astral photography.

        In this case, the moon rose when I expected it to but was behind the clouds– which these apps can’t predict. It did emerge later but was still mostly obscured and no longer where I wanted it.

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