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    Ninan John

    IMG_3961 - Copy56


    Shutter Speed:1/180s

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    Diogo Gonçalves

    I liked the focus and background but I am wondering what is the stuff where the bird are putting its paws. I would add more space at the bottom to show.

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    The Falx

    Hi Ninan….well for one crop out the bottom junk that is totally distracting and taking away from the image that im sure you where after

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    you need to play with your noise reduction. up it to about 15-30. also if you can try to go to your presets on the left hand side of lightroom. and go to sharpen scenic.

    you might also want to play with “clarity”. maybe up it to 5 or so.

    Next time you have this shoot. up your F to about 6. And up your ISO to 300 so you can still take a fast shutter speed.

    but with what you did at 180, that is really good for it to be as sharp as it is. I just would like to see it more sharpen.

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