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    1/1000 800iso f4.5 Canon 5div 70-200L @ 75
    I take a lot of bull riding pictures and can always use some fine tuning.

    Bull by the Horns

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    Erik Fransman

    Hi NDjetfan, Although I do like the flags in the BG, the sky is too overexposed and draws all my attention from the scene.
    I also think the entire image can use some contrast and to bring out the action.
    It looks like there is some cloning in the BG that becomes visible when you add contrast.

    Anyway, a crop to a more cinematic aspect ratio works good here and gets rid of most of the artifacts in the BG. The image gets more impact. Especially when you see it a bit bigger. Please click for bigger.
    Something like this:


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    I see what you mean

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    Kent DuFault

    I love your rodeo pictures, Tim. Erik’s version does capture the color intensity better than your first version. However, I think he went too far. His PP has created some strange looking artifacts in the clouds, especially in the white areas. Also, it has generated a lot of noise that I don’t see in your original. So… somewhere in-between… I think. Cheers.

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    Erik Fransman

    Kent, you are right about the artifacts. But they are present in the original. It looks like there was some cloning in the org picture that Tim showed us.
    If you look at Flickr and zoom in, you see lines in the sky that look like leftovers from cloning. With some patience and the org image, you should be able to get a better result.

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    Your pp doesnt bother me….actually like it 🙂 ……….its the compo,have you cropped.

    try cropping out the l/h figure for a far stronger image

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    Robert Apple

    The BULL is clearly the hero of this story but with such a busy background he is a bit lost, I would crop in on the action, desaturate a bit to give it a gritty feel, target desaturate the wranglers red shirt in the background, massive eye snag, and who wears a red shirt in the Bull Pen anyway, bad bad Mojo.

    I would then follow up with a targeted adjustment on the Bull, highlights, blacks, and contrast to define him as  the main focal point.

    This is what I would do, your vision may be different.
    A quick edit on the old talblet.

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    Rob Eyers

    My suggestions: clean up the sky and remove the flag poles. Desaturate the background a bit and change the colour of the guys red shirt as previously mentioned. Crank up the detail of the bull to make him look as nasty as he is. Crop and add a slight custom vignette. Great capture Tim.

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      Kent DuFault

      Rob, I like your PP the best. It really works now, and the bull is the hero of the shot.

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    Federico Alegria

    What I like about Rob’s version is the huge viewing attention the bull gets, especially the eye, that is the bulls-eye of the shot, jajaja.

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