Bumble Bee

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      Dave Watkins

      On Tall Verbena.

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      Nice one Dave! Good close-up, nice colours!

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      Joanne Van Praag

      Great shot, love the wing action.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Wow! This is beautiful Dave. Love the bee and the pink flowers 🙂

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      Dave Watkins

      Thank you Tobie, Joanne and Dahlia. Flowers in the garden are finally hitting their stride so more pollinators starting to stop by for a visit.

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      Graham Hart

      Beautiful crisp shot dave with wonderful colour. He looks great against the background.

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        Dave Watkins

        Thanks Graham. We’re hoping to get over to the coast when things start opening up again. In the mean time photo ops pretty much limited to bugs, birds and flowers. 🙂

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      Anne Hornsby

      Quite amazing, Dave.   I spent some time looking at this enlarged.   The detail of the hairs on the legs is great – really shows how they can carry pollen.   That eye fascinates me.   Great wing blur – bee busy at work!    Just got a sting yesterday from one in our garden – I’m not allergic so just have 2 purple blotches.   I love to watch them working, like this image shows!

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        Dave Watkins

        It means a lot that you liked this image enough to take the time to study it in detail. Thank you. I’ve found a bit of a fascination with insects from time spent photographing them. Especially the pollinators. Sorry to hear about the sting. I’m glad I’m not allergic to them either. Thanks again Anne. 🙂

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      Great shot Dave @pentaxfan

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