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    Chris DeYoung

    For those who use calibrated monitors, is this pretty much something to do once and then you’re good, or do they drift and you need to re-do it every once in awhile?

    I’m currently using an Asus PB278 and I did a calibration with the Spyder5 Express (the low end one) and DisplayCal — seems better, I’d say.

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    Rob Eyers

    Most manufacturers of calibration gear suggest doing it once a month or so. I suppose back in the day of CRT technology that might have been advice I would follow. CRT phosphors burn and the different coloured phosphors burn at different rates. That isn’t an issue with today’s LED back lighting etc. LCD panels are effectively a grid of RGB switches that are either working or not but they don’t shift in their effectiveness.

    With the possible exception of a pro studio when once a week or day might be prudent(even if excessive) I personally think once a year is more than enough insurance.

    FYI my own schedule is to run a calibration yearly and that rarely shows much change if any.

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    I work with two monitors and calibrate about every 3 months, Chris.  Am interested in what Rob above has said.

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    ‘rarely shows much change if any’………….go along with that!!

    had a spyder…..lent a spyder…..lost a spyder….tis a spyders life!! 🙂

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