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    Really loved this place. Only 90 minutes north of Sydney and we practically had the place to ourselves.

    Hit me.

    24mm, 20 sec, f16, iso 100


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    Graham Hart

    Love the comp in this shot Rob. My only nit-pick would be the three little rabbit ears poking out of the mist on the far left of the image. Viewed as is, they kinda look like sensor marks but you may well have wanted them kept in as they clearly are not. I also think some luminosity masking would lift a bit of colour out of the foreground water and rocks. There seems to be a lot of potential for colour boost but perhaps you wanted the more muted tones seen here? (I just bought Steve Arnold’s Luminosity Masking Panel so I am a bit focused on this at the moment.)

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    John Thompson

    I am not sure color boast is what you want here.  I like that the sky the sea and the foreground have the same tones.  It gives this a homogeneity that I think is pleasant.  I agree with Graham on the rabbit ears or what ever they are to be cloned out.  I might even work with a b&w conversion.  Possibly over contrast the foreground then use b&w.

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    Laura Kneedler

    Great composition- you really made this photo.

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    Robert Apple

    Graham and John are pretty much covering any thing I had. Nice Photo.

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    Love it, Rob!  My only bugbear is the tanker.  I would either get rid of it, or move it appreciably to the left.  However, that is a mere bagatelle!  (or, alternatively, a change to reach perfection?)

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    Good catch on the ears, folks.

    And yeah, the placement of the tanker bothers me a bit too.

    This forum really keeps me in line. lol.

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    fantastic photo.  the only thing i’d play with besides moving the tanker is decreasing the yellows in the rocks.  the color competes for attention with the pier.

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    Yeah fair point.

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    I’ll whisper this quietly Rob so that the others don’t hear… fix the dust spots in the clouds. 2 in the centre, 1 very top about 1/3 from the left side, 2 on the upper left side towards the top, 3 on the left above the water.

    Which reminds me… I have to clean my sensor too (it’s been while).

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    Laura Kneedler

    Fantastic composition!  I wouldn’t change a thing.

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    really want to praise man……………but wots the focal,rocks/pier

    taken lovely and post shit!! 🙂


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