Chair at the Beach semi abstract.

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    Lenny Wollitz

    The sun was just clearing a high-rise condo and lighting the chairs when I shot this.  The lines and contrast attracted me.   Is this bordering on abstract?

    Chairs at the Beach

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    Very nice, Lenny, but a bit less of the waves would enhance.   Most certainly take off the top 0.5 centimetre,  but a bit more as well.  Really like the repeating patterns and the holes in the middle of the seats.  Also I like the light sand showing as the waves retreat.  The chairs are the heroes and the waves simply complement (not compliment)!

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    I do not see this as abstract in any way but I do see a darn good shot. The chairs mimicking the movement of the sea is just superb. Agree the dark band at the top of the shot could be cropped.

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    I really like the way the chairs draw my eyes to move with the pattern, and the contrast between the loose waves of the sea and the rigid waves of the chairs. I agree with Jim and billyspad about loosing the dark band at the top.

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    This is a really nice juxtaposition. Have you played with the crop not just to eliminate the dark band at the top, but also the rack holding the chairs?  Or clone it out. Then it would be truly abstract.

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    Lenny Wollitz

    Thanks for the comments!

    Jim, 0.5CM doesn’t mean much unless I know your screen size but I get the idea.  I need a square crop so I had to crop out one stack of chars.

    Allen, cropping out the handrail didn’t work for me. Cloning them out and still have the lines of the chairs crisp and straight is beyond my PS skill level so I tell myself that I like the diagonal lines.

    beach chairs cropped

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    Lenny Wollitz

    Thanks Kent, so does my wife so I’m going to print it and frame it before she changes her mind.

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    Erik Fransman

    Lenny, abstract or not, I like it. The chairs are the waves in the shot.
    Well done.

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