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    I am still pretty new at shooting my Canon EOS 75i with starter lens duo-kit and especially at learning my post-production system which is Mac OS Photos 3.0. It’s been p.d. cold here (unlike most of you on the other side of the globe) so I haven’t been getting out much.  Indeed, i’m still only scratching the surface of what I want to be doing but yesterday I was able to get the old Rogue fired up well enough to make two passes through the sunliight around the church downtown, to grab one off the SW face at earlier hour and the one off the NW face almost an hour later.









    Nichi nichi ko kore nichi.

    Every day is a great day.



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    Robert Apple

    I like the geometry in the second Photo.

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    Ed I like your first shot but your going to have to tackle that PP software to get the best out of this fancy kit you carry around. Your window is level but canted to one side so needs straightening up. The second to me looks just messy. Top right is a tiny bit of another building showing through bottom right we have a bit of a roof and a bit of a bush. Top left is a distraction added to which the stained glass is not shown to an advantage. Unlike Robert I cannot see the attraction of the geometry in the second shot.

    The first is definitely worth working on to sort out what are minor points to make it into a splendid shot.

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    Thank you, folks. The beauty of this scene is that it’s fixed, just uptown. I did not use an ephemeris before I went.  Being somewhat compromised in ambulation post-stroke, I did not this time get out and set up long-term with a tripod, nor is it a location conducive to that since it’s in a very busy central square next to the fire and police stations, two banks, a liquor store, and two food shoppes. I’m just underway and the key is to master my post-production.  I am learning how vital it is to digital.  So it is likely you will see some variant of this glass for years to come, but I won’t post this scene again until I show sigfnificant improvement.  When it warms up, I can move around a lot more.  I can also look for some better angles, or buy a “bird”, or save for a fast short lens

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