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      Columns on the walls of Adinath Temple, Khajuraho, India adorned with mythical figures. Please critique.

      EXIF: f/4.8;1/1000;55mm

      Columns by Ravi on Light Stalking

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      John Thompson

      I truly love this sort of photograph. My only critique is the detail almost lost in the shadow. If that could be brought out just a bit. Not to much because I love the highlighted columns.

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      tom dinning

      OK, @raviputcha, what’s the point? Tell me what went through your head when you saw these and what inspired you to take the photo. At the moment it is purely a descriptive photo of the detail on the columns and not a very successful one I might add, as @nikon-nut has already indicated.
      Now, if you saw this structure in all,it’s original beauty and it gave you goose bumps and you wanted to share that with us, well, that’s another story.
      Before anyone can ‘critique’ such a shot we need to know what the hell,you are getting at. Don’t worry about us. When you look at the shot does it do what you wanted it to do for you? Are you happy with it? Would you hang it on your wall and admire it or show it to the relatives to impress them or just stick it on the hard drive and forget you even had it in 3months time? Personally, I can tell you didn’t even think about this shot when you took it just from the settings alone.

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      Fred Furze

      @raviputcha , my negative comment is that I think that if you had placed the camera so that it is pointed straight on to the carvings this photo would have been better. Because it is a photo that has such a strong repetition of pattern, and one that fits very symmetrically within the frame, the fact that the perspective is slightly from the side bothers me. It looks like you tried to compose it so that the rows are perfectly aligned, which makes me think that you intended it to be more grid-like, so the slightly sideways perspective works against this to me.

      Question about the settings: Why did you choose such a fast shutter speed, instead of increasing your f/number?

      I definitely think that if this were a little better exposed, and a slightly more frontal composition, this is a photo that could easily be hung on a wall. Very nice overall

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      @tomdinning Well, the place, the columns and the details did give me goose bumps. I liked the repeating pattern of the figures on the column and the early morning lighting accentuating the pattern.

      I kicked myself for ignoring the settings for the whole bunch of photos I took in Khajuraho. I wasn’t even thinking about the settings though the camera was in aperture priority mode.

      Yes, I like this shot (despite whatever) and am happy with it yet agree that this is not the best possible.

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      I agree with you about the exposure but frontal composition is impossible – they don’t allow stepladders at this heritage structure. I wasn’t carrying one either for I was traveling to this place. 😉

      The columns are a part of an indeed tall temple tower and perspective is unavoidable.

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      Thanks. I love this too 😀

      If I bring out the details, the columns become less clear – I didn’t want that either.

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