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      tom dinning

      Continuing on the theme of contrast.
      Sometimes the contrast can be blatently obvious such as the soft grass contrasting against the angular architecture of the street lamp.

      or the magesty of the palm trees against the flat texture of the pavement.
      We can create contrast in our images by setting one concept against another. This can often add interest to the image and give a greater purpose to why we have taken the photograph.

      Here I have set the delicate (well, almost) features of my grand daughter against the formal background of the building. Her delicate features are accentuated by the contrast. Mind you, her attitude may not be any better. She takes after her grandmother.

      We can manipulate the image to increase contrast as well. Here, I have increased the texture of the wall and removed any trace of colour to contrast against the smooth lines of the car.


      Contrast in photography is not just about the difference between light and dark. Its about the differences between the very language we use to describe our thoughts, feelings and emotions. It can be the difference between hot and cold, sharp and blunt, friend or foe, tall and short, small and big, love and hate, the eternity of time and the briefness of our existance.
      When you include contrast in your images you give them purpose beyond just looking nice.

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