crates on the sidewalk

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Should I leave the words on the wall?  1/200, f5.6, auto iso 1250


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      Federico Alegria

      I really like all the textures that you got here, from the tiny lines from the concrete road to the sidewalk and the background wall. Of course, the main character here are the creates, and there is a funny thing here, human mind is more prone to find more pleasing groups of odd elements rather than pairs, hence the “rule of odds” in photography. But honestly, since one of the creates is flipped to the open side, it doesn’t bother me at all having 6 instead of 5 or 7.

      Oh, and lets not forget that washed graffiti on the back, nice urban touch.

      This is a nice finding mate! Thanks for sharing, as always.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Federico, there are 7 squares counting the grate in the curb 🙂  I have read that for anything more than 5 you forget the rules.

      Quite often I have the photography “rules” going through my head when I’m shooting, maybe to often, so I try to keep this quote in mind too …

      ” To consult the rules of composition before making a picture is a little like consulting the law of gravitation before going for a walk.”
      – Edward Weston

      Edward is OK but his son Brett is one of my big time photography heroes.

      As always thanks for you insightful comments!

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      Graham Hart

      Hi Lenny, I would definitely keep the graffiti in the pic. The smooth curves juxtapose nicely with the sharp edges of the crates and sidewalk. There’s also a deeper juxtaposition between art and manufacturing in there (creative art vs mass produced boxes).

      Also, because it is so faded the actual text doesn’t intrude into the scene but is simply an aesthetic element providing a balance in contrast over the image as a whole. I would actually like to see a bit more headroom above the graffiti so as to not crop it off.

      Love the tones and contrast in this one.

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      Erik Fransman

      Hi Lenny, I never ever think about photographic rules.
      I see something and take a picture.
      Study the rules, learn them and then forget them. IMHO, that works best.
      Your image works as is, a clean work of geometrical forms.

      But as always would work better with the soft shapes (juxtaposition) of a cat (sleeping) in it.
      Well for that reason, everything is better with a cat in it. (:) )


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      I would definitely keep the graffiti, the image would be less engaging without them -our eyes would immediately go towards the bottom of the image without the graffiti.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Yes Lenny. Keep the words on the wall 🙂

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      I am in agreement with the others about the graffiti, Lenny, it gives that extra “je ne sais quoi”, without a doubt.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Graham, there is at least another meter of graffiti above it and it was pretty dominating and I “faded” it too.

      Erik, a cat might have been OK but I would really would like to have a big fat rat pose for me.  I teach a basic composition class here once a year and the first item is that rules are just suggestions and are made to broken.

      Jasenka and Dahlia… thanks.

      Jim, I have looked up “je ne sais quoi” and now need to learn how to pronounce it!  I have a hard enough time with English and Spanish.

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      The. graffiti bothers me.  I want it to say something to me, but it does not. I want it to be a message that somehow relates to the crates.  I really like the crates, the texture and contrast of the B&W.  I like the way the pattern of the standing upright crates is broken. How about a bare wall and a red apple in the open crate?

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      Hi Lenny……..yeah love your images…………….try taking at a different angle to straight,and lower…………still like it! 🙂

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      Kent DuFault

      I would leave the graffiti.

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      ah keep the wall art

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