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      Crooked Path by mcove26 on Light Stalking

      This was an old brick path in the middle of a marsh in Charleston, SC. Nikon D7100, 18-142mm lense, f/20, ISO 2500

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      I love that you got down in the muck to get your perspective! And I like the angle. I think that the brightness of the sky perhaps detracts from your main subject. I might brighten the foreground and darken the background? Not really sure.

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      John Thompson

      Hello @mcove26 you had your camera set on ISO 2500. You are in a well lit bright sunny day. Your ISO should be as low as your camera will allow.

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      Not a compelling photo to me. Foreground looks quite soft and looking at muck doesn’t bring in me the esthetic experience I look for in photography.

      Maybe a first step would be to balance color to get a little warmth into them.

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      Yea I don’t know, I think I just may not use this photo. I just kept going back to it wondering if it did anything for me and couldn’t decided. This is why it’s great to have feedback… it’s hard to be your own judge sometimes.

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      I actually think you should consider black and white. The colors distract from the interesting bricks and sky. I would try to find a way to minimize the grass and it also distracts from interesting bricks. The only thing it really gives you is the green color.

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      Federico Alegria

      I’m with John on this one, using a high ISO value will push you to shoot extremely fast shutter speeds, which is not really necessary for this shot. The tilted horizon gives it a sense of dynamism which is cool, and I like that the path feels sort of complete.

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      Hmmm…MC26, I do not remember seeing any hills in that area of tidewater, SC.  Did you tilt the horizon for effect?  Is the path really crooked, or just a couple of the stones.

      I would probably like it better if the path lead to somewhere, even if just off into the distance.   If the path made an “S” or a “Z” shape it might, too, be more interested.

      I, too, like the low perspective, but there is just not enough there to keep my attention.

      Yikes, apologies for being such a shark.

      PS  Still in Charleston?  Visit here at sunrise with your camera:

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      Erik Fransman

      Hi MC,

      You write:  I think I just may not use this photo. I just kept going back to it wondering if it did anything for me....

      So that is the question you should answer for yourself. Does it do something for you? If yes, try to find out what that is and work with that.
      If not, put it in the bin.
      Sharks may have all kinds of suggestions that might give you idea’s to improve on.. yeah, improve on what?  As long as you have not decided what you the essence of the image is, the suggestions from others will only touch the surface.

      So my suggestion is, what I said above: Try to find out what it is for you, or bin it.


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