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    Lenny Wollitz

    This guy was drawing quite a crowd demonstrating hair extensions at the curb in a busy shopping area, no rent.  The gal with her back to the camera was wearing a white blouse and really was an eye snag so I darkened it but I’m not real happy with it. He was wearing a light blue shirt that I made white to draw attention to him. Suggestions/comments? 1/200, f4.5, 15mm aspc, iso100


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    Tom M

    The photo is ok. I think I would crop out the car on the right and also the roof on top…


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    Rob Eyers

    I don’t know about this one Lenny. It’s kind of busy. What catches my eye is the guy with the cap locking eyes with the lady in the back. Not sure if you can do anything with that.

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    Lenny Wollitz

    I’m doing a collection of “curbside” vendors here in Mazatlan.  I like the story but frankly the photo pretty much sucks but I was hoping a shark could save it for me.  Thanks for the diplomatic comments!

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