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    Lenny Wollitz

    These doors lead to an auto body shop.  They are usually open and not as interesting as when closed.  I have shot them several times in the past but there was something missing.  I think the dog helps.  He could have done a better job of posing but was not happy with me in his space/face and let me know it right after this shot.  1/250, f3.2, iso 100

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    John Thompson

    And here’s me thinking it would be a pic of a Dairy Queen.

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      me too.  i was all set for some soft serve.

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    Lenny Wollitz

    Ha, ha, ha!  John, DQ sounds good, it’s over 120F heat index here.  Sounds like a plan to go the the mall and walk abound in the air conditioning and have a dilly bar.

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    Rob Eyers

    I agree the dog completes it Lenny. The fact that the doors aren’t squared up bugs me but hey that’s just me. Maybe for others that would be it’s charm. I’m going to stick to my point of using transform distort to get the door squared up which would leave the pavers and dog the none leveled part thus bringing more attention. That’s all I’ve got…good catch.

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    Lenny Wollitz

    Hey Rob, it’s kinda fun to color outside of the lines.  Take a walk on the wild side!

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    Petr Nowak

    Yes, the dog adds something to it. It is looking to Sancho Panza definitely… 🙂

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    Hi Lenny 🙂

    Yeah the dog makes it………….so why make the background dominate.

    I would crop for canine domination………….to me you have gone for both worlds…………still like it man!!

    tequila rools!! 🙂

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    the dog makes this photo.  great find and excellent job pulling off the shot.  since this is the st the only thing i’d suggest is to square your photo up a little more before shooting next time.  just a few steps to the right and shoot the door straight on so you don’t have the diagonal line in there.

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