Daisy's Spine

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    Tried for a touch of purple into the background, over green it looks more bluish. Added a fill layer with a Lighten Mode and reduced Opacity.

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    This is cool Frank.  there is a leaf point on the sepal on the right that is turned up but it looks like a black dot and then just a little below and to the right of that on the petal is another dot.  i would just heal those out. the purple came through great and i like the unique look of this.

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    Thanks, Dorothy, cleaned it up.

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    Graham Hart

    Wonderful combination of colours. Terrific POV and detail where needed. Great shot Frank.

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    Frank, I really like the concept of this photo.  The colors and POV really work well together to make a visually pleasing image.

    As far as constructive criticism, I would have liked to have seen more consistency of sharpness on the underside of the flower – there are portions of sharp areas and out-of-focus sections intertwining each other which looks unnatural.  I would also like to see a slightly more gradual softness to the flower creating that dreamy soft look and yet complements the sharpness of the underside of the flower to make a cohesive image.  My eyes are drawn to the green halo around the petals on the left, I think I would try to decrease that.

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    Very imaginative, Frank, great to see something really different!   I am with Frogdaily about the halo …  noticed it pretty quickly after admiring,.  Also, I would reduce the saturation (up or down, probably down)  between it and it’s neighbour (one down to the left).

    Certainly worth putting the bit of effort in, to make it truly special.

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