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      Took this virtually one year ago, but did not capture my imagination that time around.  However, in reviewing my photos at that Show, plus doing a big crop, I like the result, at this stage.  Get at it, Sharks!!  Want to see some threshing here!

      Settings ISO100; 50mms (75mms equiv) – 17-70 Sigma Lens ; f3.8; 1/1250sec.

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      Petr Nowak

      Interesting image. I wonder “what is happening there?”. It evokes question (without image description) that’s good. The composition is well done including square crop.
      The only minus I see is a lack of contrast / dramatic light.

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      Thanks Petr

      Have taken your suggestions on-board.  Have taken it that by contrast you mean “brightness and contrast”,  or is it that there is not much contrast in the colours, which are pretty bland?  Here is my updated effort.  At the moment it is quite a way from where I want to end up.  Just trying to find my way forward.




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      Petr Nowak

      I don’t definitely mean something like your attempt. The image is interesting, it evokes question, crop is fine.
      I tried to do some PP but I didn’t find something that suits my feeling concerning contrast and your (first) version looks better.
      So the only thing I think could be better (finally this is ST) is some dramatic light (not PP, but real light).

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Jim, the light looks dull in the image and so it has flattened the colours as well. Maybe brighten the image a bit and bring pop and contrast by locally brushing parts of the image that require brightness and also maybe increase the vibrance a bit.

      The round edge, is that a vignette you added? I think that makes the image look a bit dark. Not sure what you think 🙂

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      Rob Eyers

      For me the original looks pretty dull with a lack of contrast and pop. Lots of things you could do with it. How far you want to go is a matter of personal taste I guess. I had some fun with it…not that it’s better, just different.

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      Hi Mistyman……well bloody easy

      Background needs blurring…..worth the effort

      The Lady is to die for,the hair,the posture,the looking out of shot and the angles with dress and top…………specially the dress….good work mate………..worth working on! 🙂

      yeah a bit flat,but that can be altered

      i look on as is the raw image but has some potential man!

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      Steve Walker

      I think brighter and straightening those background lines to close to vertical. I especially like her pose and the lens flare.

      Dancer Prancer

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      Philip Watts

      For me the area of interest is the dancers face and arm positioning.

      I have converted to B&W to emphasis shape and cropped to concentrate on the face and arms. Then a little work on sharpening and dodge and burn.

      What I like about photographs of this sort is the vast array of interesting interpretations that can be made.

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      @mistyisle My suggestion might be the most boring one here, but I would turn this into a well-lit studio shot.

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      Thanks everyone, I got diverted onto other stuff, but would like to try out some of your suggestions, though unfortunately that won’t be right away. In the meantime, here is a variation that I came up with just before I postponed action.

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      Graham Hart

      Similar edit to those already suggested but perhaps her look suits a more firey surround?

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