Dancing in the park

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      Lenny Wollitz

      I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this good looking and colorful couple dancing with the white floor and background at an outdoor event here in Mazatlan.  And no one in front of me!   1/400, f9.0, 45mm (aps-c) iso 100.

      Sisters Park Dance

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      Anne Hornsby

      I really like this image, Lenny.    I think the contrast is too strong, and key elements in shadow should be lightened a bit.   Also, if you have enough space in the original shot, suggest straightening the “horizon line” where floor meets wall.   I’m not sure about the extra space behind the fellow vs. the woman – I’m guessing there is a  crop to avoid centering, but suggest trying equal space behind both dancers with a leveled horizon in a square crop  and see what you think.  Enjoy!

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      Lenny mate I know your anti PP, wanna spend time on the streets and not in front of a PC but this is one very very good shot and 5 minutes of time can make it GREAT!!!!!!!! Just lift the heavy shadow on her face is all you need to do. The sloping floor gives our dancers a feeling of movement so in this case I would not touch it. I said a feeling of movement cos no my imagination does not run to hearing the strains of the guitar playing the Jarabe Taptatio.  For sure someone will tell you it makes them want to tap their feet lol.

      Time was possibly short but I hope you got one at a much slower shutter speed to really show some movement in her dress?

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      Tried to add suggestions above:


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      Kent DuFault

      Fabulous picture Lenny!

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Thank you all for the input!

      Anne, I lightened the shadows and turned down the contrast just a tad. I like the way it looks much more, thanks! I did paint the shadow in the floor back in. I originally processed this for someone who wanted to add copy to it so I included the negative space on the left for copy but I like the way the three lines exit thorough the emptiness so I left it alone.

      Billy, I’m not anti PP. I used almost every slider in Lightroom, crop, basic, tone curve, HSL, Detail, Lens correct, effects and rad. Filter. Photo shop, spot healing brush and clone. I lightened her face and what and improvement and that made it a keeper! I was shooting with two cameras at the same time. One with a Lensbaby velvet manual lens which was making me think a lot so no, I didn’t try it with a slower shutter speed and kick myself for not doing it.

      Frank, I really like the contrast from the hard light. Probably too much. Thanks for the effort!

      Kent, when I processed this I asked myself “will Kent think there is enough red to grab viewers attention”… ha, ha, ha! I’m playing with a BW version and think it changes the subject from her dress to her. What do you think?





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      Lenny Wollitz

      Black and White still needs work but what do you think, color or BW?

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        Graham Hart

        Love them both but I think the red has more ‘energy’ in it. Is it just me or is there a slight blue tinge in the colour version?

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        Well i am truly a fan of b&w and i love this.

        The only thing i might suggest, in both the color (which is lovely) and the b&w, is perhaps a tad of light on his face.  Yes, he has a hat which does block a lot of the direct incoming light but i notice that the angle light is hitting her face and some has strayed towards his face.  the light is hitting both his nose and chin and i think a little on the rest of his face would be nice.

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      Kent DuFault

      I really like it much better with the red. I know we laugh about the red concept- but it truly does make this shot special. This is an award winner in my opinion.

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      Erik Fransman

      Rede it is and it works. The great thing of Red is, it especially works if the rest of the image works as well. And that is the case here. Red just for the sake of red is just red.
      A few minor tweaks will make it perfect.

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