Dark Shadows

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    Hi everyone! This is my first pic in the shark tank. I really hope to get some feedbacks from you.

    I took this shot yesterday at the air ballon festival of Aranjuez, Madrid with my Nikon D7500.

    It is a crop of a mediocre shot. I did my best in postpro. I like the contrast between the baloon and the birds. The sky adds something to the dramatic effect I was looking for.

    Please let me know what do you think and how to improve my shot.

    Thank you.https://flic.kr/p/2hxLEQf

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    Erik Fransman

    Hi Vincenzo, I think the shot works as it is. The ballon, the birds and the 1×1 crop.
    You chose for a silhouette image. It might work a bit better if you get some detail back in the balloon and houses.

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    Graham Hart

    Great subject matter Vincenzo but it does feel a little too dark and ominous to me.
    I would maybe lighten up the sky a bit to define the birds more and crop a bit off the bottom edge to reduce the amount of black. To keep the square aspect, maybe crop the left hand side as well and this will help declutter the roof-line a bit.
    Also a slight rotation to straighten up the thin pole jutting from the roof.
    A little denoising to smooth out the graininess and finally I would also think about healing out that one bird in the top right corner as it is pulling the eye away from the line of birds leading the eye into the brighter part of the sky.
    I did a quick edit to show what I mean…

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      Thank you very much Graham! I probably like your version better. I definitely like the denoising, the brighter sky and the cut of the ‘top’ bird.

      Thank you again.

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    Petr Nowak

    hello Vincenzo, I like silhouette and combination of ballon and birds.  The top left part of sky distracts me, it’s too bright. I’d darken it or cut.

    Ditto for the most left chimney. I’d cut it.

    The image seems too dark as Graham said. I’d try to fiddle with middle tone point to change it.

    I’m not sure about getting back some detail in the balloon and houses. Maybe try and see.

    I’d like to see color version…

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      Thank you very much for your useful feedback. I honestly don’t like the color version of the shot but I’ll attach it here, already cropped.

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    Hello Vincenzo, I think your crop is excellent and Graham’s edit made it even more powerful. I wouldn’t change anything else here, the silhouettes work great.


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      Thank you very much Jasenka! I appreciate your comment.

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    i like the silhouette, but i’d go for even more contrast on the sky.  everything else is silhouetted so you can really push the clouds.  there’s plenty of texture and tones there to play with.

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    Hello Vincenzo,

    I would have cropped the photo and made the clouds more dramatic.

    Quick edit here:

    Have a good day.

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