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      Steve Walker

      Photo from a local and annual kayak event. Mild temps belied the Iceman Challenge portion of the name.

      Cropped (500 mm isn’t long enough given the places to stand) as well as to get the intensity in the face, aperture priority, center weighted. Full EXIF available in the Flickr image. Lightroom post processing: tone work to even out exposure, lighten the shadows and darken a bit the splashing. Converted (obviously) to b&w, partly to minimize distracting orange color the traffic cones on top of this major feature (they had to go around this boulder, circle back and touch the face of the rock to get a completed run).

      Once you get to the Flickr image, you should be able to view the other photos I have posted there as well, should you be interested or want to cite one for comparison purposes.

      dig in<script async src=”//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>


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      Federico Alegria

      Hi there Steve, I guess this has been cropped too, and for me it is a great composition. The shot is sharp, and you freeze the action splendidly, the best part for me is that it still retains a lot of motion, and the exposure is correct for my taste. The only suggestion could be a more contrasted (not exaggerated, just a bit) black and white conversion by dealing with the colours. Further from that, it is a great shot! Thanks for sharing it with us mate.

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      Nice work on this B&W, it does take the cones right out of “distracting mode”.   Maybe you could draw a bit more attention to the face and head area with a dodge,  but that might take a way detail, too, which would not be good.  I like seeing those rocks and waves, elements that might have been cropped out with a closer zoom.

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      Steve Walker

      Thanks y’all (it’s a Southern thing so don’t be distressed). Midtone contrast is difficult for me, especially with the fairly bright conditions on the splashing water. I have sometimes used a radial filter on the faces and bodies to add light there without adversely affecting the rest of the frame. Dodging hardly ever works for me. I am just too heavy handed with it or never get the feathering quite right.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Steve, I like the image and it shows the action very well!

      I would recommend removing the cone of possible as it is distracting. I would also like to see more space in the front and top (if possible on all sides, so we get a view of the scene where this action is happening). Not sure what you think 🙂

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        Steve Walker

        I would like to remove the cones from view and had moderate success with that in some other images, but not this one. My skills using LR aren’t that good and my photoshop (which, for some reason, seems to have better tools) is even worse.

        I cropped this closely so that the intensity in the face would show up. I have dozens of image of kayakers at this spot, so his facial expression was the thing that stood out for me. Here’s a larger view with some clumsy cloning and in color. I also increased mid-tone contrast a bit.

        Dig in color, wider view

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      Steve Walker

      Here’s an uncropped image of the same area. I do like that background here but I thought it sort of competed with the racer.

      Full frame view

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      Erik Fransman

      Hi Steve, your crop and B&W works very well. I would not change a thing except for the cones. Easy to remove. Makes it more “in the wild”.

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      Rob Wood (Admin)

      I totally agree with @rambler’s comments. I would be trying to draw more attention to the paddler with a dodge and perhaps a burn around the white water.

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      Steve Walker

      I have rid the image of the traffic cones, added light to the person and boat, darkened the waters around a bit and changed the crop. I considered returning this to color– kayaks are colorful and contrast is easier in color than b&w in at least some circumstances. I think this may be a reasonable compromise between the setting and his facial intensity, especially if viewed large. Not sure about his moving out of the frame rather than through.

      Thanks for all the suggestions.

      Keep digging

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      hi steve…………….hey lovely image worth working on

      who is the main subject……….then work back to what helps for the ms

      image making is ucking easy……….just concentrate on whats important man! 🙁

      if a cone helps the story then show a cone

      story or mystery thats it…………………………otherwise take up golf or a day out hunting with the faithfull hounds

      faithfull hounds ive got……………….simple pleasures………some say just simple…………….im happy with that……………..je suis waffling just now………..only cus like yer image 🙂

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