diminuendo, al niente

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      I am really interested in getting some constructive feedback on this scene. This is very near to home, so I  can return and shoot in different light, and from different angles.  I can shoot to about 45 degrees on either side of the piano. Any more starts to get clutter from nearby residences. I can’t back up too much, as this is on the edge of a busy road. I picked a cloudy day, to minimize what would be harsh shadows otherwise

      angle to the piano – straight on, or to one side or the other?

      I shot from standing height. lower? higher?

      Sony a6000, 1/250, f8, iso 400, 28 mm with a 16 – 50 mm lens

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      Robert Apple

      I think you already said it Dave , I would shoot from all sorts of perspectives, angles, heights, and distance. and see what looks best, I could easily see myself shooting a hundred shots of this scene with a lot  of targeted close ups thrown in for some abstracts, I wish this was close to me, looks like a fun subject. Also on a subject like this shadows could be a enhancement. A BW conversion could be interesting as well.

      Honestly I find the current perspective kind of boring but it looks like there is some real potential here.
      Just an Idea from your photo.

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        Thanks Robert, I had tried some B&W conversions but didn’t come up with something dramatic. I like what you have done with the image. I was so swept up with the gestalt, it didn’t even occur to me to look at the parts. I see a morning walk in my near future

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      Kent DuFault

      I would get closer and eliminate the fence, as it kind of destroys the fantasy aspect of it. This is a great subject. There is a photograph there. Go get it, Dave!

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Dave, this is an interesting subject. I think a slightly lower perspective during the golden hour should give more depth to the image 🙂

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        That’s a really good point indeed, I think shooting from a lower perspective would make the composition more effective.

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      Totally agree with @dahliaambrose on this one.

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      thanks for the feedback and encouragement. Expect to see a better version of this in the near future,

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      I go with the others, Dave, about shooting low (plus try a bit to your left with some shots to see what happens).

      To me, the most interesting thing is how much the bended flax leaf adds, or detracts, from the image.  In going back to the location, it may, or may not, be still there.  I would be tempted (as I so often am!) to try both, with and without.  These thoughts ……. and many more! 😉

      Robert’s take is particularly interesting, plus very much “the fashion”.  If you contemplate putting into a competition, then I would take note.

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      Petr Nowak

      Great subject. As others have said: try different angle, eliminate the fence, try B&W, …

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      Federico Alegria

      Robert’s suggestion is working fine for me, very moody and storytelling.

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      yeah as others…good subject just get the different angle,crop and/or story….ie something else to compete…………hey still well spotted! 🙂

      Whats known as a record shot with potential

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