Does this picture have enough impact to be worthy of showing?

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      Charles Black

      IMG_1038-1-2 sm.jpg by Charles Black on Light Stalking

      Obviously everyone’s views and preferences will be different – like the age old question of Canon or Nikon, or Narmite!
      However, I would be interested in others views on this picture.
      Does it have enough impact to be worthy of showing?
      What could have been done to improve it?

      taken on 2nd January 2015 on a dull day.
      Camera Canon 700D
      ISO 100
      Shutter 1/2000sec
      Aperture f8
      Lens Tamron 18 ~ 270mm at 142mm.

      After posting I notice that the image has far less crispness and impact in the Shark Tank than it does on my computer monitor so it may not print well.

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      Hi Charles

      These should have been 2 different images – 1. the top jetty with the ship/boat; and 2. the bottom 3 pillars with the bird. Right now, the 2 distinctly different subjects are dividing the attention and are not letting me decide which subject I should view. Ideally, you should help the viewer along by – 1. ensuring the singularity of the subject; and 2. composing to help the viewer’s eye travel straight to the subject YOU wish to showcase.

      Additionally, the pier seems cramped and should ideally have a little more sky.


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