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    Onion on black linen

    Pentax K3 (1.5x crop sensor), Iso 100, f8, 100mm micro lens. Illumination with small flash light (in hand) and one on camera flash (one frame @ 256th power). In camera composite (additive) sixteen frames.

    Tried some of the suggestions from previous posts. Should I have gone with a narrower aperture (DOF)?  Used a clarity filter, did I overdue it? 16×9 aspect ratio, does it work? Cropping, Is it ok, or farther left/right? I felt the uncut onion should be centered, am I wrong?

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    Narrower aperture:  Maybe an f/11 would make the larger onion sharper? Your focus seems to be right on the red edge of the sliced onion or maybe the skin of the large one. The stem in the front is a bit soft as is the top left of the rear onion, not that it matters, just trying to see what is most sharp. Cropping looks fine, but a square crop might work, too.   Having the space on the left keeps the subject out of the center, but because it is all black, I do not think anything would be lost if the crop was square, or at least equal space on both sides.

    My favorite part is the glow created on the sliced onion.  I wonder if a bit more “glow” would improve the deep red side which is really a nice color that I would like to see better by having just a bit more light on it.  Maybe try a slight burn on the very top bright section of the top onion.  These are just guesses on my part, looks you could try, but meant to be only subtle changes, hopefully not disrupting the look you wanted.

    PS  Fun title!

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    Graham Hart

    I like the pic Craig. It’s maybe a little soft in some areas but the colours lend themselves to the warm feeling this generates. It feels a little cramped to me above the onions with this crop and I wonder if a little headroom would give the hidden light source a stronger role in the production? A square crop as suggested by Frank perhaps.


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