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      Erik Fransman

      I have a new project. Sunken boats in the Amsterdam Canals. There are quite a few.
      I started out just shooting with my new 16 lens, but I needed my 16, my 56 and even my 10-24 for some shots. For some situations, I just needed one shot, for some others I wanted both close and the environment. Total 28 shots.
      If you click the image you can see it full screen on SmugMug.

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      Rob Wood (Admin)

      What an awesome idea for a project! I had no idea this was even a thing!

      Do they come along and clear out the boats at all? What’s the story behind how they get like that? Here there are fines if you let your boat sink and do nothing to recover it. The environmental department in government also gets angry.

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      Yeah, that’s such a great idea for a project! I didn’t pay attention to these sunken boats while I was there. Next time I will 🙂

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      Federico Alegria

      What an awesome documentary project! Thanks for sharing, and I’m really intrigued about the questions Rob asked too.

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      John Thompson

      This is great Erik!  I remember seeing boats like this almost everywhere I went.  I was amazed and thought that some of the people that owned these boats were probably gone from the area and left them behind.  I remember seeing them in Haarlem, not as many around the Ring Vaart and some by Sloterdijk.  Great work Erik.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Wow! Thank you for sharing this with us Erik. Wouldn’t this disrupt transportation in the canal? Just curious 🙂

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      Erik Fransman

      Thanks all.

      The situation in Amsterdam is quite strange. As long as the boats have a permit and they are not sunken, the city does not do anything.

      Only after they go under, the city puts a sign “Get your boat up” (the blue sign) and there is a private company that puts a sign (the yellow) that they can do that for you.
      (As you can see in the pictures, many of these boats do not have that sign yet and I know that they have been sunken for at least a few weeks)

      If the owners do not respond to the warning of the municipality, then the city will take them out, and that is much more expensive.|

      Most of these boats, I have seen “going down”.  I pass often in my Plastic Whale fishing boat, and each week I see them deeper in the water. Till it’s too late.
      It’s quite an environmental issue because many have engines and gas tanks on board that go under as well.
      The boats are usually not a problem for transportation in the canals, because they are mourned at the side and not “in the way”.

      Why does it happen anyway? Most people just forget about their boats in the winter.
      Some of them have a draining system but autumn makes sure that this system is clogged up with leaves so it does not drain anymore.


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      Dave Watkins

      I agree with the others. What a fantastic idea for a project. The reflections off the water really add nicely to the image. I particularly like that 2nd shot.

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      Great set of photos , glad to hear they take the engines out.

      Nice share mate.

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      Federico Alegria

      Thanks for the explanation mate.

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      Great project Erik, and a cool set of images!

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      Great series Erik, thanks for sharing.

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      What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing Eric, it is very interesting project!

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      Very interesting Erik! I can’t help but experience a feeling of sadness when seeing these boats like that. Just to think that once upon a time they were spanking brand new, ready to be bought by their first owner. Now they are drowning, in a state of despair!

      I hope that the owners recover them all and get them back to their spanking brand new state! It reminds me of the Storage Wars program on TV. Sometimes it boggles the mind to see what items people have abandoned and you can’t help but think “What the… ?”.

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      Erik Fransman

      Tobie, you are so right. It is very sad. What is even worse, I posted this thread on January 7th. Most images I shot in the two weeks before this date. Today it is March 8. TWO MONTHS LATER and if I go out tomorrow, I can do a reshoot of most of these boats. They are still there, not being recovered by their owners or the city.

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