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    Hi, my first upload/share here on Lightstalking, still finding my way here 😉

    Shot in Amsterdam, she’s standing there, slightly absent, daydreaming in the middle of the street. Tried to get that expression/emotion while maintaining sufficient context. Roughly SOOC and no crop (try not to crop for at least 3 months, avoiding to become a cropaholic ;-))

    Panasonic DC-GX9
    Leica DG Summilux 15/f1.7
    15 mm (30 mm in FF eq.)
    ISO 200
    S 1/320

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    Tom M

    Nice capture,I know this isn’t shark tank, but I wonder if this would improve by straightening it up?


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    Dahlia Ambrose

    @bertvandenberg Hi Bert, welcome to the forums. This is a nice image. Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

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    Kent DuFault

    I like it!

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    Graham Hart

    Hi Bert, probably should have posted this pic in the Sharktank if you are looking for critical comment but having said that I like this pic a lot, enough in fact to make comment anyway 🙂

    I think her downcast expression works wonderfully well with the group of people walking away from her in the BG. Makes her seem lonely, like a yearning to belong. Thought about the straightening up for a while but I think the angle/POV works to advantage. There is a movement from the tram carriage at the left hand edge through to the group in the thirds spot and the slight angle does indeed give her an ‘absent’ countenance. Good shot.

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    Nicely done Bert and the b&w really helps to enhance the mood.

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    Welcome Bert as a guy who generally does not like or see much in taking random candid shots of strangers I have to say I like this. The composition with the moving tram and the group in the background works wonderfully made even better by the slight tilt of the buildings. The fact she has high cheek bones and a dusky complexion works in its favor as well. Just hope that is fake fur she is wearing otherwise my opinion will have an abrupt change of direction.

    As for what this lady is doing so far we have two very likely to be wrong guesses, you say she is day dreaming Graham says the gal is lonely. Well mate to me that expression is because she has just realized that she did not lock the incontinent chewing champion of the world puppy dog in the yard so he is now peeing and crapping all over the floor and without a doubt eating the sofa. So her eyes are shut as she silently curses the dumb boyfriend who presented her with a small animal trained to perfection in the art of apartment destroying. Lets hope there are prizes available for the most imaginative story behind her expression.

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      Graham Hart

      You win every time Billy! All that from ‘she seems lonely’?

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    Robert Apple

    Your Photo was recognized in the Members Picks Week of May 13 Forum  ⬅ Click Here

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    Anne Hornsby

    Bert, I love that her eyes are closed, too.   Great street photography image!

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    Nnam Ari

    I like the contrast, looking forward to more of this.

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    Looks like OP got nuked in a spam clearance.

    SORRY , OP!!!!

    Just reregister with the same username and email and all will be attributed back to you.

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