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        A comment from respected reviewer American, Ken Rockwell.
        Do you agree and what is your take on DSLR Video?
        “The problem with DSLR video is that it’s really only useful for large-budget productions, where a DSLR is merely sitting-in for a real $250,000 35mm motion-picture camera.

        If Hollywood uses the 5D Mark II to shoot major motion pictures, then why isn’t it good enough for me, especially if I’m already carrying it?

        Simple: DSLRs have no real autofocus! They all claim some sort, but it doesn’t really work, at least not if the subject is moving, which is the whole point of movies.

        Worse, manual DSLR focus won’t work in real-time because the finder goes black while shooting video. You can’t see much looking at a 3″ LCD as things move around.

        For use by a single photographer, you can’t get DSLRs to focus on things that move. If you can’t shoot things that move, then why are you trying to shoot video? Video and movies need to track focus on things that move; that’s the whole point. “

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