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    1/1250, f/11, 70mm, iso 200

    I took this shot on Bainbridge Island after coming out of a surprisingly good little French place where we had lunch. Foggy as hell up there. Dear sharks, I would love your overall opinions, but I am particularly interested in what people think of the lamppost front right. I think that it anchors the composition and that its sharpness provides a nice contrast to the fogginess in the rear. My cat thinks I should clone it out.

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    Good shot!  I really like the line of the walk way.  The lamppost is a bit distracting but not overly so.  I like it.

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    Robert Apple

    Looks Good, Smack the Cat and print it.

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    I was thinking that your cat was exceptionally wise. My eye would like to travel down the walkway, but that darn, massive lamp post keeps calling to me. Moody, dramatic photo.

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    Lenny Wollitz

    It does go with all the other vertical lines.  Small, I would remove it but viewed on my big monitor I like it.    How’s that for being indecisive?

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    Graham Hart

    I think I prefer it kept in….mmmmm…..yeah….keep it in. It does grab your peripheral attention at all times but as you said, it anchors the image because as we look along the pier to the distant mistyness, it provides a constant measure of the DOF in the image. It anchors the defined foreground to the indeterminate background. If the light had been on, it might have been a touch too much but as is, I think it’s OK.

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    Tom M

    It might be ok to leave it in, but perhaps it should be given the foggy treatment, it is a little dominant…


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    Erik Fransman

    I like the shot a lot and I prefer without the lamppost, slightly cropped and a tad more fog in the foreground.

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      Robert Apple

      Erik would take the Cat’s side. ????

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    Rob Eyers

    Your cat has good eyes but get rid of that stuff on the shore line by the lamp post that Erik left in. The guy is the hero not the lamp post.

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    Dave Watkins

    I agree with Tom. Lamp post is too stark. Compositionally it’s balanced by the tall mast of the ship on the left. Mast and post frame the center of interest but I think it would help if the lamp post were a little “foggier.”

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    Have you thought of cutting it in half so that it is shorter than the pier.  I cut the middle of it out and brought the top down to sit on the bottom third of the light post.

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    Thanks to everyone for your comments. Lots of different opinions, eh? I like Erik’s treatment a lot, changing the aspect ratio really puts a different light on things. Paul, you definitely get points for thinking outside the box, something to think about there, too. I’m still not sure which way I want to go with this thing!

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    Anne Hornsby

    At first, I agreed that the lamp post provides a sharp contrast to the fog.   Then I decided that the man walking down the pier is of more interest.    So I experimented with cropping out the lamp post and some of the bottom, which I didn’t find interesting.

    Also, when I first looked at the image, it looked to me like the fog was lifting due to light coming in from the right, so I turned the pier B&W and lightened the pier to see the texture on the pier..

    Intriguing image – have fun!

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    Gary Zerbst

    With  the  stark sharpness of the lamppost the visual balance of  the photo shifts too far to the right .  Bucweeet’s  shortened lamppost is an improvement.  Erik’s treatment without the lamppost at all is another kettle of fish though,as  it seems to me that without the post, the photo would have been improved if the photog had moved a few feet to their left then recomposed to put the bulky “stuff” that’s in the mist at the offshore end of the pier more centered.  But I can think of that composition  only after seeing the pole-less photo,  I would never have thought of that  when at the scene.    Overall,   I think that I prefer Annes version even though  there is still something unsettling about that composition.

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