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      Still honing my b&w.  This is a park I rode my bicycle through.  I always shoot RAW, process in Photoshop, save in PSD format then edit size to save in Jpeg.  I guess I am hoping I am showing some improvement, maybe some a little too dark?Park-black and white

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      As is often the case your camera settings seem odd but in reality should read F20       200 th of a second  ISO 400 and focal length 24mm.

      You have actually made a decent conversion out of a difficult subject. Because its mainly tress and grass the tonal range is limited but it looks good. Great detail in the sky. For my taste its too dark and the histogram revealed it is all bunched up to the left. This results in the blacks being clipped.

      Took it back to Camera Raw and lifted shadows slight adjustment to blacks and contrast lifted exposure slightly and added very slight vignetting to the sides only to lead the eye down the path. Suits my taste better but you may like the very dark look and feel it has more mood. Your fota your choose.

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        Thanks billyspad: just a little background, so you know what i am up to.  because i want to work on the b&w and i have thousands (yes, true) of photos on my back up drive i decided to go through and pull some to work with.  this will explain why i may have wonky camera settings, there was a time i only used auto, then i switched to manual but had no idea about how aperture, shutter speed and iso affected the final outcome of lighting and sharpness and depth of field. like to think i am improving but for now settings may not always make sense. definitely like what you did and if i think about it i may go for something in between the two. i tend to like the somewhat darker look and feel.  ok, thought about it, it may seem subtle but i did lighten up a little and i like it better.Park b&w 2nd attempt

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      Hello Dorothy, I actually like the original moody & dark version of this photo.

      At the same time, I’m sure the histogram doesn’t look right (just like Billy mentioned) so it’s really up to you to decide what you want to depict here in terms of the overall atmosphere.


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        Thank you JasenkaG: i too like the dark version, now i like two 🙂 my second attempt is just a little less dark but the trees stand out a bit better.  histogram – well i look at, i try to balance it, it doesn’t seem my product likes to be balanced (a true Libra’s photo work, we always try to make the balance even but never quite get there)

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      John Thompson

      Hi Dorothy.  Your shadows in the foreground are distracting and do not add to you image.  You are a bit dark and more detail in the dark areas would be better.  The composition here needs some work.  Your dirt road is a leading line to nowhere.  I think the black and white of this image needs some additional zones or tones to help.  That said you composition needs more work.

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