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    Dan H

    Fall in ConnecticutI know likes aren’t a great way to evaluate a photo, but I’m often puzzled by what is consensually good or mediocre. This one I love but hasn’t been that well received.

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    Erik Fransman

    Hi Dan,  the autumn colors are great but that is not enough to say wow. So you need something like two people in a fishing boat, or a guy/girl throwing a branch and the dog splashes through the water to get it.

    But since that was not there, you are stuck with this.

    Technically, on my monitor, it looks like the focus is on the leaves of the tree on the right and the BG is a bit. That does not work for this photo.


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    Dan H

    makes sense. thanks for the feedback. I guess it doesn’t have a central subject as you said.

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    I think it will help to bring out the river a little. It seems too dark, and could have the blue strengthened.

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    Hi Brad, I think your second edit looks really good, it was a good decision to bring out the river.

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    Dean R Specker

    Hello Dan,

    I really like the colors. Bringing up the clarity of the river helps.

    I am curious about the location. Would you have been able to move to the left a few feet? If so, perhaps the point of the arrowhead shaped reflected background could have ended up on the right third thus putting the entire subject in frame. The foreground branch on the right blends into the background. The river bank and tree on the left could be the foreground interest if you could have moved to the left a little more.

    I like how the left bank leads into the photo as it is so perhaps moving to the left would not have worked. Maybe even ducking down and leaving separation between the background and the right branch highlighted in the sky area could work.

    I wasn’t there and do not know the lay of the scene, but I am left wanting to see the right end of the background where it meets the water. If it does meet the water.

    Overall, though, a nice photo and a great spot to be.


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    Dan H

    Brad that looks a lot better! Didn’t realize I had that much room to bump up. Dean I’ll try and move about a bit if I get to go back. Great tips from you guys!

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