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      Philip Watts

      Hi All,

      Been a while since I posted here. Life has taken over from photography! However I retire in two weeks time, so hopefully will be able to contribute more and get back to my portraits!


      This was shot from a visit to the beach with the granddaughter.

      I like the image but wanted to isolate the figure and give that sense of being alone at the start of an adventure, hence the addition of the black frame.

      As always I look forward to your comments.


      Far Horizons

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      Erik Fransman

      Hi Phil, The image works pretty well. I see the sense of being alone, not the beginning of an adventure, but that does not matter.  I like the reflection “following” her body lines. I would keep it as is.

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      Petr Nowak

      Hi Phil, I don’t see “being alone at the start of an adventure”. I see some “welcome sun ritual” or something like that. I’d add a little bit space below feet.

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      Hi Phil:  This is really nice, the only thing i wonder about is the sky.  everything else is lovely and sharp and focused then the sky seems a little muddy.

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      Nice idea but leaves me with the feeling it was composed and lacks the feel of spontaneity which make shots like this really work. Love the tightness at the bottom cos it looks as if she is jumping into the frame. The murky beige color you have chosen does not do a lot for the snap but that’s your choice and if you like it go for it. One thing you always have working in your favor is the family always love and admire shots  Gramps takes of the grand kids. The sense and meaning of the thing can be what ever your imagination assigns to it.

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      I am bothered by the red rimming of her outline and especially on the horizon. I think it works better in black and white. The sky is less muddy in bw, too, and the black frame appears to give her feet a little more room. I put her fists on the 1/3 intersections.

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      Philip Watts

      Funnily enough the colour cast is as taken and not altered. Agree that perhaps I should have played around with it a bit. Also the muddy sky was not played with. Again something I missed perhaps.

      I like the B&W but think I prefer the colour.

      Now, do I go back and play with this one or move on to another shot? I always struggle knowing when to finish. I suppose the question is whether the additional time/work is worth it for the potential result?

      I think I might give it a go with this one. I will post the results here, or let you know if I cannot get it any better.

      As always thanks for the comments.


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      Graham Hart

      She has the look of someone expressing pure joy but maybe we need a link to that joy?

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      Maureen Photograph

      I like it with the bird as the two figures seem to be spreading their wings in sync.  But now I think the image could use some variation in the balance, what I mean is maybe the girl slightly to left of center, and the bird slightly to right.  Also I’m wondering why the sky is uniformly lit, but the water is strongly lit in the center.  Seems like there should be a light source like the sun or a break in clouds causing the glare on the water.

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      Hi Phil, to me the image, with or without birds or color fiddling, provides almost the opposite emotion of what you intent to get over to me as a viewer; depressing beige colors (converting it to gray does not make it better either), a floating person with no expressions of joy, drifting into nowhere at sunset (?) top it of with a thick black frame.

      To me it’s never about technology or how to use your camera or make an image more digestible using any kind of post-process. Clearly you wanted to provide some feeling of joy, adventure , the start of something new and to me that fails completely in this image. That does not make it good or bad, and if you like it and/or have a special feeling/emotion with it, which I can understand if it was one of my relatives, please be happy with it and you probably had a great time making this image anyway, that’s what counts more. Besides, it’s not a bad image at all. I would not change it and not stick any birds or sailing boats or whatever to it either, now its at least authentic and special to you 😉 Well done!

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      Philip Watts

      Really thoughtful comments so thanks to you all. I am going to do a follow-up which I hope to post tomorrow.

      I  found different peoples interpretation of the picture very interesting. In some ways I think that a variety of views is a bit of a weakness as it implies the image is not really strong enough.

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